Seoul Korean Level 1 Online Lessons with 30 Units


Seoul Korean Level 1 Online Lessons is a Korean language book based on the structural approach to language learning. Its objective is to focus more on improving students' communicative skills.

Here, Korean TOPIK summarizes all the lessons of the Seoul Korean Level 1 so that you can keep tracks of your study easily.

Click on the title of each unit to start studying.

Lv1 U00 Korean Alphabet (how to Read, Write, and Pronounce)

Lv1 U01 What is this?| 무엇입니까?- N입니다 grammar

Lv1 U02 Is this a watch?| N-입니다./까? grammar

Lv1 U03 How do you do?| particle 은/는, 을/를 grammar

Lv1 U04 Where are we?| N-ㅂ/입니까?, N에서, V-시-ㅂ니까? grammar

Lv1 U05 Are you going to a restaurant? | N도, 같이, V-지 않다 grammar

Lv1 U06 How is the weather today? | N이/가 어떻습니까?, Particle '이/가' grammar

Lv1 U07 What day is today? | 무슨 N-입니까, N에는, N에도, N와/과 N grammar

Lv1 U08 My room is on the 3rd floor | counting number, N에 있어요, V-아요/어요, N-이에요/예요 grammar

Lv1 U09 What did you do yesterday? | past tense -았/ -었/ -했 grammar

Lv1 U10 Where are you from? | 'V-(으)셨', 월 일 month date, irregular 'ㅂ' grammar

Lv1 U11 Is that teacher Kim's house? | N의 N, V-(으)세요, V-겠다, 안 V grammar

Lv1 U12 How much is an apple? | 이거, V-(으)십시오, thing counter 개/병/장/마리 grammar

Lv1 U13 What would you like to eat? | V-(으)ㄹ까요?, V-(으)ㅂ시다, 주다/드리다 grammar

Lv1 U14 Let's hurry. We don't have time | N에 타다/N에서 내리다, S-(으)니까, V-아야/어야 하다 grammar

Lv1 U15 We take a bus | V-(으)려고 하다, N(으)로 가다, more counter 장/번 grammar

Lv1 U16 Are you busy tomorrow evening? | S-아서/어서, hour/minute -시-분 grammar

Lv1 U17 How many people are there in your family? | N-이에요/예요, N-(이)지요 grammar

Lv1 U18 Do you like baseball? | 못 V, 안 V, S-아서/어서 (2nd), 서험을 보다 grammar

Lv1 U19 It was my birthday yesterday | irregular verb ending 'ㄷ', S(으)면서, 그래서 grammar

Lv1 U20 We went on a trip to Kyongju | V-는 N, irregular verb ending 'ㅂ' grammar

Lv1 U21 I want to buy an outfit.| V-고 싶다, V-(으)ㄹ수 있다, S-(으)니까, irregular verb ending 'ㄷ' grammar

Lv1 U22 What will you do this weekend | V-(으)ㄹ거에요, V-는데, irregular verb '쓰다' grammar

Lv1 U23 I have caught a cold | N부터, V-아/어 보다, A-ㄴ/는 N grammar

Lv1 U24 What would you like to have? | irregular verb ending 'ㄹ', V-(으)ㄹ수 있다, N-요 grammar

Lv1 U25 I get up at 7:00 am | N-인데, V-아/어 주다, irregular verb ending 'ㅂ' grammar

Lv1 U26 Today I will pay for the drinks | V-(으)ㄹ게요, A/V-지요?, A-군요, irregular verb ending '르' grammar

Lv1 U27 What will you do during the winter vacation?| V-고 있다, S-(으)면, N께서 grammar

Lv1 U28 I am going to the bookstore | comparative form N보다 A, V-ㄹ/을 N, V-(으)ㄹ것이다 grammar

Lv1 U29 Please change this to Korean currency| V-는군요, 잘/못하다, N(으)로 바꾸다 , 보여 주다 grammar

Lv1 U30 What kind of movie was it?| V-(으)러 가다, 어떤 N, N-은/는요? grammar


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