Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner Online Lessons (Continued)

Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner is the most popular Korean study book for language learners. Together with the other books in the Korean Grammar in Use series, the book serves as a general Korean grammar library with intuitive illustrations and real life-based dialogues for Korean learners.

Our Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner online lessons are based on the grammars in the printed book. However, the online lessons are redesigned with more concise text and much easier to understand. Additionally, we vision that these lessons will serve as a free online Korean grammar library for everyone.

Note that if you want to learn Korean from ZERO, try our Korean lessons from Seoul National University from beginner to upper-intermediate level.

L1G01-G02: Getting started

L1G01 Numbers in Korean = Sino-Korean and Native-Korean

L1G02 Dates and Times in Korean = reading Year/Month/Date/Day & Hour/Minute

L1G03-G05: Tenses

L1G03 Present Tense in Korean = A/V/N-(스)ㅂ니다 or A/V-아/어요.

L1G04 Past and Past Perfect Tense in Korean = A/V-았/었어요 and A/V-았/었었어요.

L1G05 Future and Progressive Tense in Korean = V-(으)ㄹ 거예요 and V-고 있다

L1G06 Negative expressions in Korean

L1G06 Negative expressions in Korean = A/V지 않다, 안 A/V, 못 V, V지 못하다, and 아니다, 없다, 모르다.

L1G07-G15: Particles in Korean

L1G07 N은/는 vs 이/가 = topic marker vs subject marker

L1G09 Listing particle N와/과, N (이)랑, N하고 = and

L1G10 Place & time particle N에, N에서 = at/on (time), in/on/at/to (place)

L1G11 N에서 N까지, N부터 N까지, N에게/한테(서) particles = from…to, from..until, to/from N

L1G12 N도, N만, N밖에 particles = also/too, only/just, only/nothing but

L1G13 N(으)로, N쯤 particles = to/by/using, about/around

L1G14 N(이)나, N처럼/ N같이 particles = or/no less than, like/as...as

L1G18-G25: Time expressions

L1G28 V-(으)ㄹ 줄 알다/모르다 grammar = know how to/ doesn’t know how to V

L1G29-34: Demands, Obligation, Permission, and Prohibition

L1G29 V-(으)세요 grammar = (1) honorific ending ~show respect; (2) making requests politely

L1G30 V-지 마세요 grammar = please don’t V~ requesting someone not to do something politely

L1G31 A/V-아/어야 되다/하다 grammar = must, have to ~express obligation or necessity to do something

L1G32 A/V-아/어도 되다 grammar = may, can ~ask/give permission or approval for a behavior

L1G33 A/V-(으)면 안 되다 grammar = may not, not allowed…~express prohibition or limitation of an action.

L1G34 A/V-지 않아도 되다 (안 A/V-아/어도 되다) grammar = don’t have to ~express the unnecessary of a behavior

L1G35-36: Hope expressions

L1G35 V-고 싶다 = want to…~express one's wish or hope

L1G36 A/V-았/었으면 좋겠다, A/V-으면 좋겠다 grammar = hope, wish, would like…

L1G19,G37-38: Reasons and Causes

L1G19 A/V-아/어서 grammar = (1) and/ (in order) to, (2) because (of)/ so that…

L1G37 A/V-(으)니까 grammar = (1) because / since, (2) when / do sth to discover

L1G38 N 때문에, N이기 때문에, A/V-기 때문에 grammar = because (of), since

L1G39-40: Making Requests and Assisting

L1G39 V-아/어 주다, V-아/어 주세요, V-아/어 주시겠어요? grammar = please, would you please…~make a request or assisting

L1G40 V-아/어 줄게요, V-아/어 줄까요? grammar = Shall I, Let me, I will,...~attempt to help someone

L1G41-42: Trying new things and experiences

L1G41 V-아/어 보세요 grammar = try... ~ try out or experience something

L1G42 V-(으)ㄴ 적이 있다/없다, V-아/어 본 적이 있다/없다 grammar = have done, have tried...

L1G43-46: Asking opinions and making suggestions

L1G43 V-(으)ㄹ까요? grammar = (1) shall we, why don’t we… (2) shall I, should I…

L1G44 V-(으)ㅂ시다 grammar = let’s, shall we…~suggest someone doing something together

L1G45 V-(으)시겠어요? grammar = would you mind/like…., why not... ~politely suggesting or asking for preference

L1G46 V-(으)ㄹ래요 grammar = (1) do you want to, how about…? (2) be going to, will…

L1G46-48: Intentions and plans

L1G47 A/V-겠어요 grammar = (1) will, plan to; (2) looks, sounds

L1G48 V-(으)ㄹ게요 grammar = (I) will (do) ~express speaker’s intention or promise to do something

L1G46 V-(으)ㄹ래요 grammar = (1) do you want to, how about…? (2) be going to, will…

L1G17,G37: Background information and explanations

L1G17 A/V-(으)ㄴ/는데 grammar = (2) so/and 

L1G37 V-(으)니까 grammar = (2) when / do sth to discover

L1G49-53: Purpose and Intention

L1G49 V-(으)러 가다/오다 grammar = express going/ coming to a place to do something

L1G50 V-(으)려고 grammar = in order to, so that ~ express speaker’s intention to do something

L1G51 V-(으)려고 하다 grammar = plan to, intend to ~ express subject’s intention or plan that has yet to be done

L1G52 N을/를 위해서, V-기 위해서 grammar = for (the sake of), (in order) to

L1G53 V-기로 하다 grammar = decide to, make a decision to ~make a promise with oneself or someone

L1G54-56: Conditions and Suppositions

L1G54 A/V-(으)면 grammar = if, once, when ~state a condition or express a supposition

L1G55 V-(으)려면 grammar = if you want/ intend to…then you should…

L1G56 A/V-아/어도 grammar = even if, regardless if…

L1G47, L1G57-59: Conjecture

L1G47 A/V-겠어요 grammar = (2) looks, sounds

L1G57 A/V-(으)ㄹ까요? grammar = (3) do you think, I wonder if… ~express a supposition

L1G58 A/V-(으)ㄹ 거예요 grammar = (2) think, will… ~express a supposition based on a basis

L1G59 A/V-(으)ㄴ/는 것 같다 grammar = (1) looks like, appears that; (2) seems

L1G60-63: Changes in Parts of Speech

L1G60 A/V-은/는/을 N grammar = N that, who A/V…. ~noun modifier

L1G61 A/V-기 grammar = turn verbs/ adjectives into nouns (~V-ing in English)

L1G62 A-게 grammar = turn adjectives into adverbs (~ '...-ly' or 'in a ... manner' in English)

L1G63 A-아/어하다 grammar = turn adjectives into verbs (~'appears to' or 'seems' in English)

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