Korean Grammar in Use: Intermediate Online Lessons with 90 Units

Korean Grammar in Use: Intermediate is one of the most popular Korean study book for language learners. These Korean Grammar in Use: Intermediate online lessons are based on the grammar lists of the printed book (ebook version is available). However, you can easily recognize the huge modifications when comparing the printed lessons with our online lessons. Our purpose is to make the grammars even easier to understand, and more illustrative. For practicing, please use the printed book.

Here, Korean TOPIK summarizes all the Korean Grammar in Use: Intermediate Online Lessons with 90 Units so that you can keep tracks of your study easily. Click on the title of each unit to start studying.

L2G01-G07: Expressing Supposition or Intention

L2G01 A-아/어 보이다 grammar = looks likes, seems like..~guess based on outward appearance

L2G02 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는 모양이다 grammar = it seems, I guess...~guess a situation after observation

L2G03 A/V/N-(으)ㄹ텐데 grammar= should, would, suppose….so/but....~express an expected future situation

L2G04 A/V/N-(으)ㄹ 테니까 grammar = because…., so it would… ~give reason for suggestion.

L2G05 A/V/N-(으)ㄹ걸요 grammar = it is probably, I think, I bet....~give assumption based on backup knowledge.

L2G06 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ 줄 몰랐다 [알았다] grammar = I didn't know [I thought that]

L2G07 A/V/N-(으)ㄹ지도 모르다 grammar = might, may, likely…~express that something may happen

L2G08-G10: Expressing Contrast

L2G08 A/V-기는 하지만, -기는 -지만 grammar = but (I think)...~express contrast but emphasize 2nd clause

L2G09 A/V-(으)ㄴ/는 반면에 grammar = …, but…. ; while…. ~express opposite situations

L02G10 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는데도 grammar = although..., despite..., but ~emphasize a contrast

L2G11-G17: Expressing Reasons

L2G11 A/V/N-거든요 grammar = because... ~express reasons that listener has no idea about

L2G12 A/V/N-잖아요 grammar = as you know/ recall...~remind something that listener forgot/unaware or scold for not following advice

L2G13 V-느라고 grammar = because…, I couldn't... ~give reason for a negative consequence.

L2G14 V-는 바람에 grammar = …as a result ~give an unexpected reason for a negative consequence

L2G15 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는 탓에 grammar = due to, because ~give reason for negative consequence

L2G16 A/V/N-고 해서 grammar = so, because (among all)... ~give a reason among other reasons for doing action

L2G17 A/V/N-(으)ㄹ까 봐 grammar = I am worried/ afraid that…~express concern about something. 

L2G18-G22: Expressing intention or resolution

L2G18 V-(으)ㄹ까 하다 grammar = I am thinking of/ planning to ~give vague intention or uncertain plan

L2G19 V-고자 grammar = ...to do ~express intention to do action

L2G20 V-(으)려던 참이다 grammar = was just about to ..., was in the middle of …

L2G21 V-(으)ㄹ 겸 -(ㅇ)ㄹ 겸/ N 겸 grammar = … and also…~express 2+ intentions to do something

L2G22 V-아/어야지요 grammar = will do, have to do... ~express strong intention like a promise to oneself or decision to do thing

L2G23-G25: Giving Advice or Recommendations

L2G24 V-도록 하다 grammar = please (be sure)… ~suggest or instruct sth to someone

L2G25 V-지 그래요? grammar = why not, why don't… ~suggest someone to do something

L2G26-G28: Expressing Recollections

L2G26 V-던 grammar = be used to…~recollect a past habit or repeated behavior

L2G27 A/V/N-더라고요 grammar = (I directly saw/heard that) ~recollect something with witness.

L2G28 A/V/N-던데요 grammar = I saw/felt/surprised that... ~express contradiction to one’s speaking or surprise to something

L2G29-G31: Passive Form

L2G29 단어 피동 (-이/히/리/기) grammar = to be V-ed...~(irregular) passive verbs

L2G30 V-아/어지다 grammar = to get V-ed…~ another passive form

L2G31 V-게 되다 grammar = get V-ed, come to V…~passive form without subject’s will 

L2G32-G33: Causative Form

L2G32 단어 사동 (-이/히/리/기/우/추-) grammar = make sb/sth do something...~causative verbs

L2G33 A/V-게 하다 grammar = make someone do something…~causative verbs

L2G34-G35: Expressing Conditions

L2G34 A/V/N-아/어야 grammar = (have to, must) do A so B can….~express a condition to realize something

L2G35 A/V/N-거든 grammar = if (something is true), then… ~conditional statement in casual conversation

L2G36-G39: Expressing Additional Information

L2G36 A/V/N-(으)ㄹ 뿐만 아니라 grammar = not only… but also...

L2G37 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는 데다가 grammar = additionally.../not only…but also….

L2G38 N-조차 grammar = even …~ “not only the others but also the primary one”

L2G39 N-만 해도 grammar = just…alone, even just...~provide examples to explain a previous statement

L2G40-G41: Expressing Mid-Action

L2G40 V-는 길에 grammar = on the way, while going…~doing something while going somewhere.

L2G41 V-다가 grammar = and then…~interruption of one action to do another immediately

L2G42-G44: Expressing Degree

L2G42 A/V-(으)ㄹ 정도로 grammar = (to the extent) that…~express degree of an action

L2G43 N-만 하다 grammar = as...as, about the size of….~compare the size or degree of something to another

L2G45 아무나/아무도 grammar = anyone /nobody...~anywhere, anytime, nowhere, nothing

L2G46 N-(이)나 grammar = N or something…~express an acceptable option without any specific preference in mind.

L2G47 N-(이)라도 grammar = even N/ N or something ~choose 2nd best choice if the best isn't available
L2G48 A/V/N-든지 든지 grammar = whether/either … or…~expressing any choices are fine

L2G49 A/V/N-(ㅇ)ㄴ/는 대신에 grammar = instead of/ (compensate for) …~compensate or replace something by another

L2G50-G53: Expressing Time Order Behavior

L2G50 N 만에 grammar = after (a certain time)...~ a duration of time that has passed after an event started

L2G51 V-아/어 가지고 grammar = and (then)...~indicate time order of 2 actions or more

L2G52 V-아/어다가 grammar = and then…~time order of 2 actions occurring in different places.

L2G53 V-고서 grammar = and then…~time order of 2 actions

L2G54-G60: Expressing Discoveries & Results

L2G54 V-고 보니 grammar = after finishing something, you realize that...

L2G55 V-다 보니 grammar = while doing sth or after doing sth continuously, you come to...

L2G56 V-다 보면 grammar = If you keep doing, then...

L2G57 A/V/N-더니 grammar = and now…~state a reason for changes witnessed in the past

L2G58 V-았/었더니 grammar = so now, and as a result…~express cause-and-effect

L2G59 A/V-다가는 grammar = if you keep doing, then a negative outcome will occur

L2G60 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는 셈이다 grammar = you could say, it's practically….~something is more or less similar

L2G61-G64: Expressing States of Being

L2G61 V-아/어 놓다 grammar = do V beforehand/ keep V-ing…

L2G65-G67: Expressing Characteristics

L2G68-G70: Expressing Emphasis

L2G73-G76: Expressing Completion

L2G77-G78: Expressing Futility

L2G82-G83: Expressing Regret

L2G82 V-(으)ㄹ걸 그랬다 grammar = I should/would have....~regret about something better than what was actually done

L02G83 A/V-았/었어야 했는데 grammar = I should have…~regret something should have done but did not.

L2G84-G86: Expressing Habits

L2G84 V-곤 하다 grammar = from time to time/ used to…~indicate a habit of present or past

L2G85 A/V/N-기는요 grammar = Not really, no need to…~politely disagree with one’s statement

L2G86 A/V/N-은/ㄴ/는 척하다 grammar = pretend to, act like, act as if...

L2G87-G90: Citing Someone's Speech or Writing

L2G87 A/V/N-다고요? grammar = did you say… clarify or reconfirm what a person has just said

L2G88 A/V/N-다고 하던데 grammar = I heard from someone that...~recall something you heard previously from somebody

L2G89 A/V/N-다면서요? grammar = is it true that... ~confirm something you’ve heard or learned before

L2G90 A/V/N-다니요? grammar = (Surprise)...really?...~express speaker’s surprise or disbelief while repeating what someone said

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