How to apply for the KIIP Level-Test (사회통합프로그램 사전평가)

How to apply for the KIIP Level Test (사회통합프로그램 사전평가) with simple 8 steps

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[사회통합프로그램 - KIIP] Notice: From Jan 1st 2019, when you apply for 사전평가, 중간평가, 종합평가 (Pre-evaluation, level 4 test, level 5 test), submission fee will be 30.000 won.

Step 1: Visit, and click 회원가입 at the top right corner:

Step 2: Tick in the boxes to accept the website terms, and then click 회원가입/Join

Step 3: Because a security issue, just click ADVANCED in your browser, and then Procced to (unsafe) to continue.

Step 4: Select your suitable options, and fill in the form.


- In the ID section, fill in your ID, and click confirm duplication, then 중복확인. If your ID is available to use, a message like this will appear “koreantopik ” 아이디는 사용 가능합니다, if not you have to change to another ID. Finally, click the 아이디를 사용합니다 button to finish selecting ID.

- In Password section: your password must have at least 9 characters with mixture of character + number + special character

- Press Join to finish registering. If everything is ok, a popup saying that your registration is successful will appear 회원가입되었습니다. 로그인하십시요.”

Step 5: Log in to the site by clicking 회원로그인. Then, click 사회통합프로그램 and choose 사회통합프로그램 신청

Step 6: You can skip 2 sections “Education experience” and “The Final Education”.
In the section Will you participate the level test?, select YES
In the section 사전평가 선택, choose the date for testing

Then tick the Agree box and click Apply.

Step 7: You will be redirected to the my page 마이페이지, which can be accessed by clicking the 마이페이지 button at the top right corner at any time.

Click Vicarious class application and select your 1st preferred testing location
Click Deputizing attendance application and select your 2nd preferred testing location.

It is better to select the same location for both options and select the location that is closest or most convenient to you.

Congratulations! You have finished to apply for the KIIP level test.

You can see your application in 마이페이지 as below: 

Step 8: Print your testing ticket or save it on your phone when going for testing. 

- After applying for the level test, the testing location 평가장소 will show 미정 (not decided). Before the testing date 3 days, visit the site again and log in to confirm the official testing location.
- If you already have a valid TOPIK certificate, you can visit your closest Immigration Office to apply for the KIIP Korean class without taking the level test.
- The test score will be announced after the test a week. Be sure to check your score and apply for your assigned class on time.

- You can register for a class during the registration period. For details, visit: 
Guide to register for a KIIP class on

- Your level test score is valid for maximum 1 year as long as you haven't registered for any class. That means if you can't register for a class this semester, you can still enroll in the next semester without taking the level test again.
How to apply for the KIIP Level-Test (사회통합프로그램 사전평가) How to apply for the KIIP Level-Test (사회통합프로그램 사전평가) Reviewed by Korean Topik on 5/10/2018 Rating: 5

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