How to register a account to join the KIIP program

How to register a account to join the KIIP program.

Step 1: Visit, and click 회원가입 at the top right corner:

Step 2: Tick in the boxes to accept the website terms, and then click 회원가입/Join

Step 3: Because a security issue, just click ADVANCED in your browser, and then Procced to (unsafe) to continue.

Step 4: Select your suitable options, and fill in the form.


- In the ID section, fill in your ID, and click confirm duplication, then 중복확인. If your ID is available to use, a message like this will appear “koreantopik ” 아이디는 사용 가능합니다, if not you have to change to another ID. Finally, click the  아이디를 사용합니다 button to finish selecting ID.

- In Password section: your password must have at least 9 characters with mixture of character + number + special character

- Press Join to finish registering. If everything is ok, a popup saying that your registration is successful will appear 회원가입되었습니다로그인하십시요.”

Congratulation! You successfully created your account to join the KIIP program.


  1. I created an KIIP account long time ago, and I forget the ID of my account. I tried finding ID on homepage, but it didn't work, is there any other way I could re find my ID please?

  2. I forgot my id and password how can i retrieve my id and password anyone knows?

    1. There are 2 ways to retrieve your passwords
      1. Open the password recovery page from the socinet website using Internet Explorer. Enter your id, name, alien card number, and phone number to reset the password.
      2. Call 1345 to request password change. You need to fill out a form and send it by fax to reset your password.


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