Guide to KIIP 2020 (Korean Immigration and Integration Program)

Korean Immigration & Integration Program (KIIP) 2020: Guidelines

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1. What is Korea Immigration & Integration Program (KIIP)?

A FREE education program developed to help immigrants acquire basic knowledge and information about life in Korea (Korean Language and Culture, Understanding Korean Society, and etc.) so that they can adapt to and become self-reliant members of Korean society.

2. Eligible Participants:

❍ Foreign residents and naturalized Koreans who hold an alien registration card or domestic residence card
- Naturalized Koreans who have acquired Korean nationality 3 years ago can take the level test and audit classes after gaining approval from the head of immigration office
※ Foreign national Koreans applying for permanent residency (F5-7) must complete the 'KIIP level 5 basic course'

3. Benefits of KIIP program:

A. When applying for naturalization : exemption from naturalization written test and interview, reduced waiting time for naturalization evaluation (only applied to those who completed the intensive course)
B. When applying for VISA F2 & F5:
❍ Additional points
- Those applying for points system based residential status (F2-7) (maximum 28 points)
❍ Exemption from proving Korean fluency
- Long-term foreign residents applying for permanent residency (F5-1)
- Spouse of Korean citizen (F6) applying for permanent residency (F5-2)
- Underage children (foreigner) of Korean citizens (F2-2) applying for permanent residency (F5-3)
- Working visit (H-2) visa holders applying for permanent residency (F5-14)
- Long-term foreign residents (D1, D5~D9, F1, F3, E1~E5, E7, etc.) applying for residential status (F299)
- Non-professional employment (E9), vessel crew (E10), working visit (H-2) visa holders applying for residential status (F2-6) or specially designated activities (E7-1)

4. Curriculum:

◦ In principle, applicants can start at the assigned level based on their pre-test score or 'valid' TOPIK certificate. 
- You can submit your valid TOPIK certificate at your nearest immigration office to get your assigned level without taking the pre-test. See the below picture for details.

◦ Applicants who did not take the level test or TOPIK can start from level 0

◦ Applicants must first take the level 5 basic course (50 hours) in order to apply for the intensive course (20 hours).

5. Guide to Register and Apply for the Pre-Test:

Visit: How to Apply for a KIIP Test or Start from level 0 (사회통합프로그램 사전평가 신청)

※ From 2019, the pre-test is no longer free. You must pay 30,000won the registration fee for taking the test.

6. Guide to Class Registration:

 Visit: How to register for a KIIP class with proper time and location on

❍ Note: You can register for ONLINE class too. However you should match the following conditions:
- Education Center : Korea Immigration Service Foundation [한국이민재단 (온라인 화상교육)]
- Eligible participants :
⓵ pregnancy, childbirth, long distance, restricted mobility
⓶ class cancelled
⓷ applicant who can not attend class due to unavoidable circumstances such as a job (proof required)
※ Applicants can register for online classes on a first come, first served basis during the registration period. The education center will contact the applicant for documents (pregnancy confirmation, family relation certificate, employment certificate), and make deliberations before assigning a class.

7. KIIP Test Schedule:

In 2020, there are 24 KIIP tests in total: 10 pre-tests, 4 mid-term tests, and 10 comprehensive tests.

8. Qualifications & Certificates

- If you complete Korean Language and Culture class (level 4 class) and pass the mid-term test, you will receive the "Korean Language and Culture Test (KLCT)" certificate for getting plus points when applying for VISA.

- If you complete the basic course for Understanding Korean Society (Level 5 - 50 hours course) and pass the comprehensive test for permanent residency, you will receive the "Permanent Residence Test (KIPRAT)" certificate (합격증) and the "KIIP completion certificate" (이수증) for applying VISA F2 and F5.

- If you complete the intensive course for Understanding Korean Society (Level 5 - 70 hours course) and pass the comprehensive test for naturalization, you will receive the "Naturalization Test (KINAT)" certificate a(합격증) and the "KIIP completion certificate" (이수증) for applying Korean citizenship.

9. Other useful information

Foreign Language Service Center: Call 1345 anywhere in Korea

Download the level test sample book, visit:

사회통합프로그램 사전평가 2018 PDF with keys (2018 KIIP Level tests)

Download KIIP textbook, visit:

사회통합프로그램 KIIP Program Textbook (Korean for Immigrants) PDF+Audio

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  1. Hi, I have topik level 3 cert. How can I submit my score during the KIIP pre-test?

    1. Visit the closest immigration office to submit your topik certificate.

  2. Dear,

    When will be the level4 exam is going to be


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