EPS TOPIK Textbook PDF+ Audio (Korean for Employment)

EPS TOPIK (or Employment Permit System TOPIK) is purposely designed for foreign workers, who are planning to seek for jobs in Korea. Basic understanding of Korean language in everyday life, in work as well as Korean business culture is required for the foreign workers. The EPS TOPIK is thus organized for the purpose.

EPS TOPIK vs TOPIK TOPIK is a general language test for people who want to study in Korea, work in Korea (not as EPS), and test their Korean skills for immigration purpose. EPS TOPIK is the test designed for EPS workers who want to work in Korea (like in a factory or farm).
Requirement of applicants: The foreign workers can be male or female in the age of 18-39 years old without any criminal record and no experience of deportation from Korean and no restriction on immigration.
    Structure of the test:
    The test consists of 2 sections: listening (30 min) and reading (40 min), so the total test time is 70 min. The test has total 50 questions with maximum score of 200 points, in which each section has 25 questions with 100 points.

    Criteria to pass the test: the test takers must get at least 80 out of 200 points. The EPS TOPIK score is valid for 2 years. Note that: the EPS TOPIK score is just one of many criteria for getting a job in Korea. It doesn't guarantee that you will get a job, which depends on many other criteria too.

    For more information about Employment Permit System (EPS) in Korea, please visit: https://www.eps.go.kr/in/index.html  (Choose Philippine for English or others for your local language.)

    For more information about the EPS TOPIK such as test schedule, test registration, checking the test score, and other related information, please visit: http://eps.hrdkorea.or.kr/

    See details about EPS TOPIK Test: EPS TOPIK Exam Question Book with Answer 

    Textbook for EPS TOPIK (PDF + Audio):

    There are 2 versions of the currently used textbook: Standard book and Revised book.
    The revised book has the same content as the standard book but the pictures are enlarged and rearranged for better learning experience. This textbook is comprised of 8 subjects with 60 chapters. The audio script and answer keys are also included in the book.

    Download EPS TOPIK Textbook PDF+ Audio: 

    Revised bookTextbook Audio

    Standard book: Textbook Audio

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