[English] EPS-TOPIK TextBook 1, 2 PDF +Audio MP3 for Philippines

EPS-TOPIK Self-Study Textbooks
are provided freely by Ministry of Employment and Labor of Korea to aid the EPS workers who are planning to seek for jobs in Korea at manufacturing units, construction sites, agriculture, and so on. 

EPS-TOPIK textbooks are offered in 9 different languages with 2 books for each langauge. Each book composes of 30 lessons covering all aspects of Korean langauge and culture from introductory Korean to daily life conversations. 

EPS TOPIK English textbook PDF and Audio MP3 are purposely made for self-study English or Philippinese learners, who don't have a frequent access to the Internet. 

Download EPS-TOPIK English TextBook and Audio for English Speakers

EPS-TOPIK English: TextBook 1 PDF + Audio MP3 OR Read Textbook 1 online

EPS-TOPIK English: TextBook 2 PDF + Audio MP3 OR Read Textbook 2 online

Below are the previews of the EPS-TOPIK textbook pdfs and audio files:

To match the audio track in the textbook, you should pay attention to the 'audio title' as shown in the above image.

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