Download All TOPIK Tests PDF +Answer +Audio (update 81st test)

TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean - 한국어능력시험) is a language test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language.

From July 2014 (the 35th TOPIK test), the TOPIK test structure has changed from 3 tests to 2 tests (TOPIK I and TOPIK II). For more details, visit: Complete TOPIK Guideline

Since then, all TOPIK tests are not shared publicly anymore, but only 1 test/year until 2019. From 2020, all tests won't be published anymore. The most recent shared TOPIK tests are listed as follows:

In 2022 - the 82nd TOPIK test (unofficial release)
In 2022 - the 81st TOPIK test (unofficial release)
In 2021 - the 79th TOPIK test (unofficial release)
In 2021 - the 78th TOPIK test (unofficial release)
In 2021 - the 76th TOPIK test (unofficial release)
In 2020 - the 72nd TOPIK test (unofficial release)
In 2020 - the 70th TOPIK test (unofficial release)
In 2019 - the 64th TOPIK test (official release)
In 2019 - the 66th TOPIK test (unofficial release)
In 2019 - the 63rd TOPIK test (unofficial release)
In 2018 - the 60th TOPIK test (official release)
In 2017 - the 52nd TOPIK test (official release)
In 2016 - the 47th TOPIK test (official release)
In 2015 - the 41st TOPIK test (official release)
In 2014 - the 37th TOPIK test (official release)
In 2014 - the 35th TOPIK test (official release)

We collected all past TOPIK tests available and brought them All-in-One here. 
Hope you prepare well for the upcoming tests.

You may be interested in our TOPIK 1 Preparation Pack as below:

You may be interested in our TOPIK 2 Preparation Pack as below:

Follow the below link to download the past TOPIK Tests:

15. 82nd TOPIK 2 2022 - Writing (PDF with Sample Answers)


  1. I can't download any of files because this take to much time to connect. Maybe you should fix that or complete tests in pdf file and then public here?

    1. For some unknown reasons, the 60th topik test was removed from the official site. Unfortunately, I didn't create any backup for the 60th test. :(

    2. I found the 60th test. It is only available in Korean version website, not English version. :D

  2. It's there any question paper of all past Topik test?? Not answer paper.

  3. I needs Old TOPIK test papers 11 to 50.
    if anyone help me then I send him a lot of thanks

  4. 링크를 누르면 다운로드가 안되고 광고만 뜨는데 어떻게 해야하나요?

  5. Please send me All Topik Question

  6. Oh the link for the 64th TOPIK 1 Test is not working. Do you have it by chance and would share it with me?

    1. Thanks for your comments. all the dead links have been fixed.

  7. Thank you for your hard work! <3

  8. I can't download 63th topik2 test, could you please sent it to me?
    Listening+writting+ reading! Thanks ~!

    1. Hi, you can download the test from this link

  9. Replies
    1. yes, just wait for 5 seconds and click the skip ads button to download


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