TOPIK 66th Writing PDF Sample Answers (제66회 TOPIK II 쓰기)

The 66th TOPIK II Test (제90회 TOPIK II 쓰기) was held in 20 Oct 2019 in Korea and Asia countries. By accident, the test sheet was leaked and made publicly available. Here, we shared the test answer key collected from unofficial sources. We won't be responsible for any issues or incorrect information from the shared contents.

The 66th TOPIK II writing test composes of 4 questions from Q51 to Q54 in 50 minutes. Depending on your goal and capability, the time should be divided properly when taking the writing test. For examples,  Q51: 5 min, Q52: 5 min, Q53: 15 min, Q54:25 min.

Wish you prepare better for your upcoming TOPIK test. Good luck!

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The 66th TOPIK II 2019 Writing & Sample Answers:

[51~52] 다음을읽고에들어갈말을각각한문장으로쓰십시오. (10)
Read the following and fill in the blank and .

제목: 취업 특강에 초대합니다.
유학생회에서 취업 특강을 준비했습니다.
특강에 오면 취업에 성공한 선배들의 이야기를 ().
특강후 선배와 상담도 가능하니 참석을 원하는 분은 이메일로 ( ).
일시및장소: 1010일오후5, 학생회관101
이메일: [email protected]

[Reference answer]
들을 있습니다. /들을 기회가 있습니다. /들을 있는 자리가 마련되어있습니다.
연락/신청해 주시기바랍니다. / 연락해 주십시오. /말씀해 주시기바랍니다.

Bulletin Board
Title: Employment Seminar Invitation
The International Students Association has prepared a special lecture on employment. Students who attend the special lectures can hear the stories of successful seniors.
After the lecture, you can talk to your predecessors and consultants. If you want to participate, please contact/apply to/talk to us by email. 
Date and place: At 10 pm on October 10, Student Hall 101
Email address: [email protected]

[Key point]
- () 있다 = can do something
- 기바라다 = hope
- //여주다 = please

사람들은 산을 보면 안정감을 느낀다. 이유는 녹색이 사람의 마음을 편안하게 주기 때문이다. 그런데 녹색이 단지 사람의 마음만 편하게 ( ). 예전부터 어른들은 책을 많이 보는 아이에게 가끔씩 산을 ( ). 이는 녹색이 눈의 피로도 풀어주기 때문이다.

[Reference answer]
  해주는 것이아니다
보라고 말씀하셨다./보라고 말씀해 주셨다.

When people see the mountain, they feel safe. Because green color can calm people's hearts. However, green is not just a calming heart. From the past, the adults let the children who read many books look at the mountains occasionally, because green can also release eye fatigue.

[Key point]
- 것이 아니다 = is not...
- 라고 하다 = indirect reference, preceded by declarative sentence
- 말씀하시다 = "말하다" form of honorific

53. 다음을 참고하여 '인주시 공원 이용 자수의 변화' 에대 한글을 200300자로 쓰십시오. , 글의 제목을 쓰지 마십시오.(30)

[Title of the topic]
Write a 200-300 word article on "Changes in the number of park users in the Jinju city”. However, please do not write the title of the essay.

Picture 1: Number of park users is from 1.1 million in 2010 to 1.65 million in 2018
Picture 2: Number of people of different ages (10~30 generations: 2 times in 2010-2018; 40~60 generations: 0.2 times in 2010-2018)
Picture 3: Park Use Support Policy → Diversification of sports facilities; small-scale performances and celebrations

[Writing mindset]
First of all, we should describe the overall trend of the number of users of the city of Jinju in the past few years (say the specific values), and then describe the changes in the data from the age classification level (the data changes of the two age groups can be simply compared), and finally explain the reasons for the rapid rise of this age group.

1) Whether the content is related to the topic, whether it is rich and diverse;
2) Whether appropriate local use of the information given;
3) Whether the composition of the article is logical and organized;
4) Whether vocabulary and grammar are used appropriately and diversely

[Reference sample]
인주시청에서 공원 이용자 수의 변화에 대해 조사한 결과 2010 110 수준에서 꾸준히 상승하여 2018년에 이르러서는 165 명에 다르게 되었다. 특히 연령별 이용자 수를 살펴보면 10~30대의 경우 2010년에 비해 2 가까이 증가한 반해 40~60대의 증가율은 0.2배에 그쳤다. 이러한 10~30 이용자 수의 변화는 공원 이용 지원 정책으로 다양한 스포츠 시설이나 작은 공연장, 각종 축제 젊은이들이 즐길 있는 요소들이 늘어난 덕분인 것으로 보인다. 그리하여 앞으로 10~30 이용자는 더욱 증가할 것으로 예상된다.

The results of the Jinju city survey on the number of park users showed that it has continued to rise from 1.1 million in 2010 to 1.65 million in 2018. Especially, when examinig number of users by age, the number of people in the 10-30 generation has increased nearly twice as much as in 2010. On the contrary, the rate of increase in the number of people in the 40-60 generation only stopped at 0.2 times. It can be seen that the increase in the number of users in the 10-30 generation is related to the park use support policy. Diverse sports facilities, small performance venues, and various celebrations are all factors that young people like. Therefore, it is expected that the number of users in the next 10-30 generation will continue to increase.

54. 다음을주제로하여자신의생각을600~700자로글을쓰시오. , 문제를 그대로 옮겨 쓰지 마십시오.(50)

[Title of the topic]
In school, there should be no education for knowledge. In order to enable students to grow up to be honest, ‘ethical education’ (인성교육) should also be implemented. However, there are also cases where the emphasis on ‘knowledge education’ (지식교육) and neglect of ‘ethical education’. Focus on the following content and write an article about "the preferred direction of school education."
1. What are the reasons for the implementation of knowledge education (지식교육) and ethical education (인성교육)?
2. What will happen if emphasis is placed on ‘knowledge education’?
3. What kind of efforts are needed to teach students correctly?

[Writing mindset]
This session is about the discourse writing of the two kinds of education. Starting from the two aspects of knowledge education and ethical education, it is only necessary to answer the three questions in the question. In the process of writing, we can first explain the problems that can only be caused by the implementation of knowledge education, which leads to the reasons for implementing balanced education and the corresponding solutions.

1) Whether the content is related to the topic, whether it is rich and diverse
2) Whether the composition of the article is logical and organized
3) Whether vocabulary and grammar are used appropriately and diversely

[Reference sample]
세계 어느 국가나 교육의 중요성에 대해 경시하거나 소홀히 하는 나라는 없을 것이다. 그만큼 교육은 개인과 사회의 역량을 발전시키는 원동력이라 있다. 그러나 사회가 물질만능주의 시대로 급변하면서 학교는 좋은 직업을 찾기 위한 과정으로 여기게 되었고 학교에서는 지식교육만을 강조하며 이상 학교에서 인성교육의 중요성에 대해서는 이야기하지 않는다. (Phenomenon → lead the question)

No country in the world ignores the importance of education. It can be said that education is the driving force behind personal and social development. However, in this era of material omnipotence, in order to allow students to find a good job, the school only emphasizes knowledge education, but does not talk about the importance of ethical education.

물론 지식교육을 통해서 사회에 나아가 부와 명예를 얻을 있는 발판을 마련할 있다. 그러나 인성 교육이 되지 않은 지식만을 쌓은 사람이 사회에서 부와 명예를 갖게 되었을 자신의 부와 권력을 남용하는 사례들이 발생하는 부작용이 생길 수도 있다. 어떤 것이 옳고 그른지 판단하지 못하고 오로지 경제적 가치만 중요시하게 되면서 법을 교묘하게 이용하여 자신의 이득을 취하는 사례들을 심심치 않게 있다.  (Question 2)

Of course, through knowledge education, you can get a springboard for gaining property and reputation. However, in the case of insufficient quality education, if only those who have accumulated knowledge acquire wealth and reputation in society, they will have the side effect of abusing their wealth and power. There will be a lot of situations where you can't judge right and wrong, only pay attention to the value of the economy, and use the law to pursue your own interests.

그렇기 때문에 학교에서 지식교육과 인성 교육이 균형 있게 이루어져야 것이다. 결과만을 강조하는 것이 아니라 일의 과정을 통해 무엇이 옳고 그른지 스스로 깨닫도록 하는 것이 무엇보다 중요하겠다. 또한 학생들 서로가 경쟁 상대가 아닌 협력하고 도움을 주는 대상으로 여길 있도록 공동체 의식을 배양하는 것도 매우 중요하다고 있다.  (Question 1)

Therefore, it is necessary to balance knowledge education and ethical education in schools. Not only do you emphasize the results, but you can understand what is right and what is wrong through the process, which is more important than anything else. Moreover, it is very important for students not to regard each other as competitors, but to help each other and cultivate their community awareness.

이렇게 학교 교육이 나아가야 바람직한 방향은 어느 한쪽으로 치우치지 않은 균형된 교육이라고 있겠다. 그러한 교육을 통해 개인은 물론 사회에 다양한 긍정적인 영향을 기대해 있을 것이다. (Question 3)

Therefore, the direction of school education development is not to favor any party, balanced education. Through such education, there will be many positive effects on both individuals and society.

[Writing Tips]
1. The big essay topic is divided into three small questions, focusing on the first question, which is the reason why knowledge education and character education should be implemented. Be careful to segment according to the context of the article!

2. The purpose of this essay is not to neglect the education of either party. The two educational methods are simultaneously launched. Therefore, when answering the third question, it should involve balanced development, but not focus on one side.


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