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Guideline for applying a KIIP class with proper time and location on

In order to apply for a KIIP class, you have to meet one of the following conditions:
- 1st: take a level test (사전평가) and get your assigned level based on your test score
- 2nd: submit your valid TOPIK test score to your local immigration office and get your assigned level
- 3nd: apply for the KIIP program and start from level 0 (without taking the level test)

The class registration time is often after the level test a week. As soon as you get your score or assigned level, you should start to search for a class with your desired time and location.


  • From Jan 2020, the class registration time is changed from 0:00 AM to 9:00 AM. 

Good point: This means you don't have to wait until midnight to register for class anymore.
Bad point: It is more difficult to register for class since more people want to apply for the same class.

Here are a step-by-step guide for applying a KIIP class:

Step 1: Visit, click 회원로그인 button, then enter your ID and password. After signed in, click 마이페이지 button at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: In 마이페이지, click 과정신청 to start applying for a KIIP class.

Based on your assigned level, a list of corresponding classes will appear to register.
E.g. Your assigned level is 3, only level 3 classes will appear in the list.

Step 3: In the 과정신청 page, scroll down to see the class list.

You will see the following items as below:
- 주소 = class location (check the location on google map whether it is close or convenient to you)
- 신청시간 = registration time (the registration opening time starts at 9:00 AM, so make sure to login your account before that 5 or 10 minutes)
- 정원 = maximum number of students in the class (e.g. 20 students)
- 신청 = number of applied students (e.g. 5 out of 20)
- 대기 = number of students in waiting list

After each Pretest, the list of classes will be updated daily, make sure to check it frequently.

Important note:
You can register for ONLINE class too. However, you should match the following conditions:
- Find the Education Center name: 한국이민재단 (온라인 화상교육)
- Eligible participants :
⓵ pregnancy, childbirth, long distance, restricted mobility
⓶ class cancelled
⓷ applicant who can not attend class due to unavoidable circumstances such as a job (proof required)
※ Applicants can register for online classes on a first come, first served basis during the registration period. The education center will contact the applicant for documents (pregnancy confirmation, family relation certificate, employment certificate), and make deliberations before assigning a class.

Step 4: After locating a suitable class, click on the name of the corresponding class.

You should see the following items:
- 과정시간 (red) = the time period of the class (e.g. 2018.06.09 ~ 2018.08.04 = 2 months)
- 요일 = day of the week that the class opens ( = Monday, = Tuesday, = Wednesday, = Thursday, = Friday, = Saturday, = Sunday)
- 과정시간 (blue) = class time
- 인정시간 = number of hours per class
After checking all the above information, click 신청 at the botton right corner and confirm again to register.

Step 5: Click the 목록조회 button, next to the 신청 button. If the applied class in the list becomes blue, you have successfully registered for a KIIP class.


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  1. Once Level 0 is completed, how can I enroll for Level 1? Do I have to enroll online or the professor will automatically send us to Level 1 class?

    1. Hi, I believe you should enroll it yourself.
      Just follow the above instruction to do it.

    2. I already log in but why i cant apply for the level 0?

  2. ciao, vorrei iscrivermi al livello 0. non sono ancora in corea. posso fare l'iscrizione da qui o quando arrivo (visto che serve ALIEN CARD se ho capito bene)?

  3. Replies
    1. Use google translate when you register for the class.

  4. How to register for online class?

    1. Please leave us a message on facebook page for further support.

  5. I like this class and test.but not time with my is fishing.Because of that how do learn me.thank you

  6. I took placement exam on september7 and yesturday result also came out now i want to register for class but it’s not showing the location and date time list. Is it not yet open for class register or it have different way to search it?? Im so Confused and afraid that the seat may packed if i’m late please help me

  7. Good afternoon! Can I take a 0 level if I have a B1 Transit visa? Thank you so much!

    1. As long as you have a valid foreign registration card, you can apply for kiip program.

  8. I wonder if I can ask in my enbassy for the student visa saying i'ld like to apply for the KIIP, or if this is an exclusive program for immigrants, people who are just staying for a scholarship or because of work

    1. Kiip can't be used for applying student visa. You have to live in Korea before you join kiip program.

  9. I have applied for Level 0. How do I know my application was approved?

    1. you check the last picture. if it is similar, your application is done!

  10. I need to take the test because I don't have a valid topic right now. Is it a different procedure?

    1. Yes, you have to take the pretest to get your level assigned. You can find the info in our different post by googling "How to apply for a kiip test"

  11. Hello. I just completed Level 0 and now I want to enroll for Level 1 but i don't see the options for the Level 1 class. I was wondering if it is automatic?

    1. No, it is not an automatic process. You have to register the level 1 class by yourself.
      The application period is still going on until 02 Sep. It's a bit strange that you can't see any classes available. It may take time for your level 0 teacher to upload your education history to the socinet website. Just wait and check frequently.


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