EPS TOPIK Guideline (Criteria, Eligibility, Schedule, Test Structure, Textbook)

EPS-TOPIK Guideline (Criteria, Eligibility, Schedule, Textbook, Test and more)

1. What is EPS-TOPIK?

EPS-TOPIK (EPS = Employment Permit System, TOPIK = Test of Proficiency in Korean) is a Korean language test conducted by Ministry of Employment and Labor of South Korea. It is purposely designed for foreign workers, who are planning to seek for jobs in Korea at manufacturing units, construction sites, agriculture, and so on. Basic understanding of Korean language in everyday life, in work as well as Korean business culture are required for the foreign workers. The EPS TOPIK is thus organized for the purpose.


2. EPS TOPIK vs TOPIK: What is the difference?

TOPIK is a general language test for people who want to study in Korea, work in Korea (not as EPS), and test their Korean skills for immigration purpose. 

EPS TOPIK is the test designed for EPS workers who want to work in Korea (at manufacturing units, construction sites, agriculture, and so on).

3. Which Countries conduct EPS-TOPIK?

Korea selects workers from countries like Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, China, Mongolia, East Timor, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.


4. Eligibility for EPS-TOPIK?

- Male or Female from 18 to 39 years old

- No criminal record

- No experience of deportation from Republic of Korea

- No restriction on immigration (reason for disqualification)


5. How many times EPS-TOPIK is conducted per year?

It can be conducted 1-3 times or more in a year depending on the requirements of foreign workers in Korea.


6. Structure of the EPS-TOPIK Exam

- In general, EPS-TOPIK has 2 sections: Listening and Reading.

> The old-format EPS-TOPIK exam lasts for 70 min with listening (30 min) and reading (40 min)

> The new EPS-TOPIK exam last for 50 min with listening (25 min) and reading (25 min).

- Structure of the new EPS-TOPIK exam:


Evaluation field

Question number




> Vocabulary & grammar

> Practical data information

> Comprehension



25 min


> Sound track

> Visual data

> Conversation or study



25 min





50 min


7. Evaluation method and criteria to determine a successful candidate 

- Evaluation method: relative evaluation

- Criteria to determine a successful candidate:

> Scores above the lowest score per industry

> Successful candidate is determined in the order of merit within selecting (anticipating) number of people.


8. EPS-TOPK Test Schedule and Registration

Below is an image showing EPS-TOPIK schedule in 2021:


For details about EPS-TOPIK Registration, please refer to this page:

EPS-TOPIK Registration Guide (Schedule, Information Office, Test Center, and Result)


9. EPS-TOPIK eBooks

- EPS-TOPIK books are free. You can study the ebook online from the official site.

- E-books are currently available in 9 different languages:

> English

> Thailand

> Sri Lankans

> Laos

> Vietnam

> Myanmar

> Uzbekistan

> Cambodia

> Bangladeshi

- Each language consists of two books.

You can study the online ebook or download the PDF + Audio ebook as follows:

New EPS TOPIK Book PDF in 9 languages (English, Sri Lankans, Thais, Laotians, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Uzbekistanis, Cambodia, and Bangladeshi)

10. EPS-TOPIK Exam Question Books and Previous Tests

To help test-takers prepare better for the EPS-TOPIK exam, EPS-TOPIK has create their own exam question books and open public EPS-TOPIK online.

You can access, download, and practice the materials from the list of links below:


10.1 Download EPS-TOPIK Exam Question Book:

EPS TOPIK Exam Question Book with Answer PDF+Audio


10.2 Open EPS-TOPIK online:

Taking the Open EPS-TOPIK online


10.3 Download Previous Actual EPS-TOPIK tests:

Previous Actual EPS TOPIK Tests PDF +Audio +Answer

11. Punishment of Wrongdoer

- Restrictions on application about cheaters: 3 years from the time of cheating

- Cheating

> Communication with other applicant regarding test during the test

> Exchange of answer sheet for the purpose of cheating.

> Checking other applicant's answer sheet or questionnaire before writing answer during the test.

> Showing or telling the answer to other applicant.

> Possessing, using or exchanging question related object

> Answer the question with help of others

> Swapping name and application number with other applicants.

> Substitute test-taking

> Using or Carrying a cell phone during the test

> Other illegal or inappropriate behavior.

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시험일정은 아래 링크에서 확인할 수 있습니다.

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Please find more info about work permit visa from this page: https://www.eps.go.kr/index.jsp
Click on the E-9 and H-2 visa tabs and choose your preferred language for details.

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