Past EPS-TOPIK Actual Tests PDF +Audio +Answer 2017-2019

Employment Permit System TOPIK
in short, EPS TOPIK ) is purposely designed for foreign workers, who are planning to seek for jobs in Korea. Basic understanding of Korean language and culture in daily life, work, and business is required for the foreign workers. Therefore, EPS TOPIK is  organized for the purpose.

EPS-TOPIK test composition
  • Listening comprehension (25 questions) 
  • Reading comprehension (25 questions) 
  • Total test time is 70 minutes
  • EPS-TOPIK Question book: Download Link

Pass Criteria & announcement of test passers 
  • Announced through web page on designated day after EPS-TOPIK implemented. Home page address:,
  • Posted at Sending Agency in sending country
  • Pass Criteria: Among the candidates who scored over 80 points (full marks 200), designated number of candidates will pass in order of highest score
  • Valid term of EPS-TOPIK: 2 years from announcement date of test result

EPS TOPIK Actual Tests PDF 2017, 18, 19 are composed of 7 tests in 2017, 1 test in 2018, and 1 test in 2019. The tests are available below.

1) EPS Topik 2017 A -Nepal: PDF +Audio +Answer

2) EPS Topik 2017 B -Nepal: PDF +Audio +Answer

3) EPS Topik 2017 C -Nepal: PDF +Audio +Answer

4) EPS Topik 2017 D -Nepal: PDF +Audio +Answer

5) EPS Topik 2017 A -Vietnam: PDF +Audio +Answer

6) EPS Topik 2017 A -Cambodia: PDF +Audio +Answer

7) EPS Topik 2017 A -Indonesia: PDF +Audio +Answer

8) EPS Topik 2018 A: PDF +Answer without audio

9)EPS Topik 2019 A: PDF without answer

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EPS-Topik Preparation Pack
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Audio file과 함께 올려져서 EPS 토픽 시험을 준비하고 있는 학생들에게 정말 도움이 됩니다.감사합니다.

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The link was updated on 19th May 2024.
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