100 Korean Grammars for Beginners (TOPIK I Grammars)

Korean Grammars for Beginners is a free Korean grammar library made online by Korean Topik. The grammar list is useful for TOPIK 1 learners who are aiming for Level 1 and 2.

The beginner grammars lessons feature:

- Concise and clear grammar explanation
- Variety of daily life based examples
- Comparing grammars to avoid confusion

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Hope you enjoy the lessons.

1. Expressing Korean Alphabets, Numbers, Dates and Times in Korean

1.1 Korean Alphabet: How to Read, Write, and Pronounce

3.11  N처럼/ N같이 particle = like/same

3.12 N보다, N마다 particles in Korean = more...than/-er...than, every/all

4. Expressing Listing and Contrast in Korean 

5. Expressing Time Events in Korean 

7. Expressing Demands, Permission, and Prohibition in Korean

8. Expressing Hopes in Korean

9. Expressing Reasons and Causes in Korean

10. Expressing Requests and Assisting in Korean

12. Expressing Suggestions and Asking Opinions in Korean


13. Expressing Plans and Intentions  in Korean

14. Expressing Purpose and Intention in Korean

16. Expressing Conjecture (or Guess) in Korean

22. Irregular Conjugations and Common Connective Adverbs in Korean

24. Expressing Politeness in Korean  

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