V-(으)시겠어요? grammar = would you like, why not...? ~politely suggesting or asking for preference

L1.45 V-()시겠어요? grammar =  would you like, why not...? ~politely suggesting or asking for preference

- Politely suggesting something or asking for listener’s preference = would you mind/like…., why not….?
- This grammar is much more formal and polite than V-()ㄹ래요? and V-()실래요?

Verb ending in vowel or + 시겠어요?
가다 -- 가시겠어요?
만나다 -- 만나시겠어요?
*만들다 -- 만드시겠어요?
예약하다 -- 예약하시겠어요?

Verb ending in consonant + 으시겠어요?
읽다 -- 읽으시겠어요?
받다 -- 받으시겠어요?
*듣다 -- 들으시겠어요?

1. 음료수 드시겠어요?
Would you like some beverages?

2. 방을 예약 하시겠어요?
Would you like to reserve a room?

3. 커피에 설탕을 넣으시겠어요?
Would you like some sugar in your coffee?

4. 내일 시에 오시겠어요?
- 10시까지 갈게요.
At what time will you come tomorrow?
- I will be there by 10 o'clock.

5. 한국의 전통 기념품을 사고 싶어요.
- 그럼, 인사동에 보시겠어요?
I want to buy some traditional Korean souvenir.
- Then why don't you go to Insadong?

6. 머리를 어떻게 하시겠어요?
- 짧게 잘라 주세요.
How would you like (to cut) your hair?
- Please cut it shortly.

7. 내일 생일 파티가 있어요. 주시겠어요?
- , 좋아요. 갈게요.
I hold my birthday party tomorrow. Would you like to join it?
- Ok. I will definitely go.

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