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(EPS = Employment Permit System, TOPIK = Test of Proficiency in Korean) is a Korean language test conducted by Ministry of Employment and Labor of South Korea. Because basic understanding of Korean language in everyday life, in work as well as in Korean business culture are required for the foreign workers. The EPS-TOPIK is thus organized for the purpose.

For more details, please refer to the EPS-TOPIK Guideline as below:

EPS TOPIK Guideline (Criteria, Eligibility, Schedule, Test Structure, Textbook)

South Korea is recruiting foreign workers from countries including Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, China, Mongolia, East Timor, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

If you want get the EPS-TOPIK preparation materials in a single download link for your upcoming EPS-TOPIK test, we are offering the "EPS-TOPIK Preparation Pack" as below:

EPS-TOPIK Guideline & Registration Guide
- EPS-TOPIK Textbook+Audio in 9 languages
EPS-TOPIK Exam Question book + Audio
EPS-TOPIK Past Actual Test PDF + Audio
- EPS-TOPIK Work-Related Tests
A Total of 5 GB EPS-TOPIK Materials

Here are the previews of the EPS-TOPIK Preparation Pack. The picture does not reflect all the included materials!

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EPS-Topik Preparation Pack
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