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New KIIP textbooks & workbook PDF

Korea Immigration and Integration Program  (KIIP) is a FREE Korean Language Training and Understanding Korean society program for foreigners in Korea. Since 2009, KIIP has continuously developed and considered as a must-have requirement for obtaining some special VISAs in Korea as well as Korean citizenship.

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KIIP has a total of 6 different levels from level 0 to 5. Each level has its corresponding textbook that the KIIP participant must have when attending the KIIP class. 

New KIIP books were released in the beginning of Dec 2020. In contrast to the old books that only have the textbooks, the New KIIP books are composed of both textbooks and workbooks

In addition, the new KIIP Level 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 books have been greatly changed, while the contents of the new KIIP Level 5 basic and advance books are more less similar to the old books.

The KIIP books can be read online freely from the official site as below:

1. KIIP Level 0 book:  한국어와 한국문화 기초편 

2. KIIP Level 1 textbook: 한국어와 한국문화 초급 1  

2. KIIP Level 1 workbook: 한국어와 한국문화 익힘책 초급 1  

3. KIIP Level 2 textbook: 한국어와 한국문화 초급 2  

3. KIIP Level 2 workbook: 한국어와 한국문화 익힘책 초급 2  

4. KIIP Level 3 textbook: 한국어와 한국문화 중급 1  

4. KIIP Level 3 workbook: 한국어와 한국문화 익힘책 중급 1  

5. KIIP Level 4 textbook: 한국어와 한국문화 중급 2  

5. KIIP Level 4 workbook: 한국어와 한국문화 익힘책 중급 2  

6. KIIP Level 5 basic textbook: 한국사회이해 기본 (not available publicly)

7. KIIP Level 5 advance textbook: 한국사회이해 심화 (not available publicly) 

You may download the ebook for reference: KIIP book pdf + Audio

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  1. It says the download pages are not found for the textbooks. The links do not work.

  2. Could you please provide KIIP level 5 ? Thanks in advanced

  3. Could you please provide new book of KIIP level 5 ? Thanks in advanced

    1. The new KIIP 5 book is still not available at present.

  4. Downloaded levels 0-4 just fine, thanks!

  5. Replies
    1. leave me a message on our facebook group

  6. level 5 new book ebook please

    1. Level 5 book basic and advance are now both available in pdf.

  7. level 5 new book ebook please

  8. where's all pdf links? :(

    1. due to copyright claims, the book pdfs were removed.

  9. Hi i sent you facebook page pls,share link for download KIIP book..

  10. Não consigo acessar os livros 😔

  11. 왜 전 dowload 안됩니까?
    혹시 제 email로 보내주실 수있습니까?
    제 주소는
    초급1, 2 필요합니다
    너무 감사합니다

  12. 저도 다운로드가 안됩니다

    초급 1,2 + 익힘책
    중급 1,2 + 익힘책
    고급 1,2 + 익힘책 이 필요합니다,
    제 메일로 좀 보내주세요.

    메일 :

  13. Hello. I payed for the pdf file, but have not received anything yet.
    Could you please send me all the textbooks and workbooks link to

    Thank you very much!

    1. Enail sent. Please check your email (both inbox and spam box)

  14. I couldn't download level 3 workbook audio file. It says the link is broken. Could you repost the link. Thanks!

  15. level 0 audio should exist. There are exercises depend on it.

  16. 왜 저는 다운로드 안됩니까?
    저는 초급2, 중급1,2 원합니다
    메일로 부탁합니다.

    1. 페이스북 페이지로 메시지를 보내주시면 링크를 제공하겠습니다.

  17. Hi, I have joined the facebook group but I cannot send the message. How do i get link for pdf books? Help please.


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