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New KIIP books
By joining Korea Immigration and Integration Program (KIIP), you can learn Korean for FREE and get 'bonus points' when applying for permanent residence (VISA F5) or waive 'naturalization interview' when applying for Korean citizenship.

When you join the program, you must have the KIIP books to study. The new KIIP books were released in Dec 2020 and many peoples are still searching where to buy the books. However, to find and buy the KIIP books are not easy for foreigners who have limited Korean proficiency. Even, people with good Korean proficiency may have to spend much time to find the books. Therefore, this post is made to help you find and buy the books like eating a piece of cake. 

All KIIP textbooks and workbooks (including level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and practice test books (pre-test: 사전평가, mid-term test: 중간평가, comprehensive test: 종합평가) will be provided from 2 major online bookstores: Coupang and Gmarket. 

You may download the soft copies of the books (PDF files) here:

The new KIIP books links (level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) are provided below:

kiip book level 0, 한국어와 한국문화 기초
KIIP Level 0 Textbook 
(한국어와 한국문화 기초)

Level 0 textbook: Coupang or Gmarket

kiip level 1 book

KIIP Level 1 Textbook + Workbook
(한국어와 한국문화 - 초급 1 + 한국어와 한국문화 익힘책 - 초급 1)

Level 1 (Textbook +Workbook) link: Coupang 

Level 1 Textbook: Coupang or Gmarket  

Level 1 Workbook: Coupang or Gmarket

kiip level 2 book

KIIP Level 2 Textbook + Workbook
(한국어와 한국문화 - 초급 2 + 한국어와 한국문화 익힘책 - 초급 2)

Level 2 (Textbook +Workbook) link: Coupang 

Level 2 Textbook link: Coupang 1 or Coupang 2 or Gmarket   

Level 2 Workbook link:  Coupang 1 or Coupang 2 or Gmarket

kiip level 3 book

KIIP Level 3 Textbook + Workbook + Culture book 1
(한국어와 한국문화 - 중급 1 + 익힘책 - 중급 1 + 한국사회 이해 기초. 1 )

Level 3 (Textbook +Workbook) link: Coupang 

Level 3 Textbook link: Coupang or Gmarket   

Level 3 Workbook link: Coupang or  Gmarket

Level 3 Culture book link: Coupang or Gmarket (optional)

kiip level 4 book

KIIP Level 4 Textbook + Workbook + Culture book 2
(한국어와 한국문화 - 중급 2 + 익힘책 - 중급 2 + 한국사회 이해 기초. 2)

Level 4 (Textbook +Workbook) link: Coupang 

Level 4 Textbook link: Coupang or Gmarket   

Level 4 Workbook link: Coupang or Gmarket

Level 4 Culture book link: Coupang or Gmarket (optional)

kiip level 5 basic book

KIIP Level 5 Basic Textbook + Workbook (50h course)
(한국사회 이해 - 기본 + 기본 탐구활동)

Level 5 basic Textbook + Workbook link: Coupang

Level 5 basic Textbook link: Coupang 1 or Gmarket 

Level 5 basic Workbook link: Coupang 1 or Coupang 2 or Gmarket

kiip level 5 advance book

KIIP Level 5 Advance Textbook + Workbook (20h course)
(한국사회 이해 - 심화 + 심화 탐구활동)

Level 5 advance Textbook + Workbook link: Coupang

Level 5 advance Textbook link: Coupang or Gmarket 

Level 5 advance Workbook link: Coupang or Gmarket

Bonus books:

2023 KIIP Pre-Test Practice book 1 & 2
(2023 KIIP 사전평가 모의고사)

These are 2 good practice books from two different publishers for 2023 KIIP Level test preparation. You can select either one of these or both.

2023 KIIP Midterm Test Practice book 1 & 2
(2023 KIIP 중간평가 모의고사)

The autopass policy from KIIP level 4 to level 5 in 2021 is no longer valid in 2022. It is necessary to prepare for the test to get promoted to the level 5. These are 2 practice books from two different publishers for 2023 KIIP Midterm test preparation. You can select either one of these or both.

2023 KIIP Comprehensive Test book 
(2023 사회통합프로그램 종합평가 영주용 귀화용 모의고사1 - 실전 모의고사2)

The book contain the summary of the level 5 books and the strategy sections dealing with various question types in the comprehensive test and 3 practice tests. The book price is 16,000 won without discount (14,400 won with 10% discount)

2023 KIIP Comprehensive Test book-Complete
(2023 사회통합프로그램 종합평가 영주용 귀화용 한권완성 1 - 한 권으로 끝내기 2)

The book summarizes the key information in the level 5 books including 50h and 20h, together with  practice tests for 영주용 (Permanent residence) and practice tests for 귀화용 (Korean citizenship). Answer keys and explanation can be found at the end of the book. It is recommended for people who wants to review the kiip level 5 books and practice the tests before taking the real exam. The book price is 17,000 won without discount (15,300 won with 10% discount).

Guide to get discounts on Gmarket:

When you buy from Coupang, you get 5-10% cashback for every book. In addition, Coupang shipping is quite fast and convenient. "Rocket delivery" books can be delivered in the next purchase day, regardless of weekend or holiday.

When you buy from Gmarket, you can get 15% card discount. 

15% discount is only available for 현대카드, 신한카드, 비씨카드, 국민카드 using mobile Gmarket (Korean version). Also, your Gmarket account has to be "a foreigner in Korea" account with Korea phone and ID verification, NOT "a foreigner outside Korea" account with only email verification.

KIIP Level 2 textbook + workbook cost 
= 16160 won at Gmarket with 20% discount 
= 20000 won at Coupang with no discount!


  1. Thank you for this concise guide. I ordered for KIIP Level 2 & Level 3 books on GMarket. I was seriously disappointed when I received it. So, I left a review for them here:

    Please how can I get the mp3 files for the listening practices?

    Thank you once again.

    1. Just scan the QR code on the front cover of each book to get the mp3 for listening.

  2. Are the new books available in the bookstores?

  3. Could you inform me, how can I get pdf files? Thanks

    1. Please refer to this post to get pdf files:

  4. isnt the level 5 pdf available.

    1. Due to copyright, the level 5 book pdf is not available publicly. Send me a pm via our facebook page to get its private link.

  5. The book links are updated on 24th April 2023. Hope you enjoy studying Korean.


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