Download Complete KIIP Preparation Pack for All Levels

KIIP (Korea Immigration & Integration Program) is a free education program sponsored by Ministry of Justice (Republic of Korea) to help immigrants learn Korean language and acquire basic knowledge and information about life in Korea.

For more details, please refer to the KIIP Guideline as below:

KIIP Guideline (Eligibility, Benefits, Curriculum, Book, Schedule, Certificates)

Completing KIIP program will give you a huge advantage when applying for VISA as well as getting Korean citizenship. However, to get all these benefits, you must pass the KIIP final exam that requires a lot of efforts and preparation.

To support you in the KIIP journey, we are offering "Complete KIIP Preparation Pack" with  materials needed to pass the KIIP exams as below:

- KIIP Books + Audio (All Levels)
- KIIP Official Test Samples (All Levels)
- KIIP Level-Test Practice Samples
- KIIP 3 & 4 Practice + Interview samples 
- KIIP 5 70h+30h Book Summary (PDF) *Newly Added*
- 40 KIIP 5 Writing (200 words) Samples 
- 100 KIIP 5 Interview Questions with Answers
- Past KIIP 5 Actual Test Answer Keys

Here are the previews of the Complete KIIP Preparation Pack. The pictures do not reflect all the included materials!

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Complete KIIP Preparation Pack

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Tabermejo said...

How to purchase

Korean Topik said...

Hi, you can proceed the payment through Paypal donation button. An email with download link will be sent to you after the payment is confirmed. For alternative payment in KRW, you can contact me via email [email protected]

Ruby said...

How to purchase in KRW?

Korean Topik said...

Hi, for payment in KRW, please send an email to [email protected]

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