Download Previous TOPIK 2 Tests and Preparation Pack (35th to 83rd)

TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean - 한국어능력시험) is a language test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language.

TOPIK II is designed for Intermediate and Advanced Korean learners.

For more details, please refer to the TOPIK guideline below:

Complete TOPIK Guideline (with Frequently Asked Questions)

Lists of past TOPIK 2 tests with answers and sample writings:

The 35th TOPIK 2 PDF+MP3+Answer

The 36th TOPIK 2 PDF+MP3+Answer

The 37th TOPIK 2 PDF+MP3+Answer

The 41st TOPIK 2 PDF+MP3+Answer

The 47th TOPIK 2 PDF+MP3+Answer

The 52nd TOPIK 2 PDF+MP3+Answer

The 60th TOPIK 2 PDF+MP3+Answer

The 63rd TOPIK 2 PDF+Answer

The 64th TOPIK 2 PDF+MP3+Answer

The 66th TOPIK 2 PDF+Answer 

The 72rd TOPIK 2 Writing PDF+Answer 

The 76th TOPIK 2 Writing PDF+Answer 

The 78th TOPIK 2 Writing PDF+Answer 

The 79th TOPIK 2 Writing PDF+Answer 

The 81th TOPIK 2 Writing PDF+Answer 

The 82nd TOPIK 2 Writing PDF+Answer 

The 83rd TOPIK 2 Writing PDF+Answer 

Want more TOPIK 2 materials, please take a look at our "TOPIK II Preparation Pack" as below:

- Past TOPIK 2 Tests (35th - 83rd) in PDF with MP3 and Answer Keys
- TOPIK 2 Practice Tests 
- TOPIK 2 Passing Recipe
- TOPIK Master Topik 2
- TOPIK 2 Essential grammars 
- TOPIK 2 Vocabulary in 50 days
- Complete guide to the TOPIK 2
- All about TOPIK 2 writing
- Mastering TOPIK 2 reading and listening
- Take real TOPIK 2 Online & on Android 
- 6GB TOPIK 2 Mock Test Videos with detailed explanations (5 tests)

Note that most of the above materials can be freely obtained from our website.

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TOPIK II Preparation Pack 


  1. past year included with answer?

    1. Hi, recent TOPIK tests are occasionally updated with answer keys and sample writings.

  2. is it a hard copy or just pdf ? also answer will be included inside right?

    1. It includes of pdf, answer key, and video lectures.


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