A-ㄴ/은데, N-인데, V-는데 grammar = (1) 'but', (2) 'so/and' in English

L1.17 A-ㄴ/은데, N-인데, V-는데 grammar  = (1) but, (2) so/and

(1) Express that the 2nd clause is opposite or contrary to the 1st clause = but
(2) Express that the 1st clause provides reason or background information for the 2nd clause = A/V-/어서 grammar = so/and


1.Present tense:

1.1. Adjective + -ㄴ/, (e.g 예쁜데, 바쁜데, 큰데…)

크다 -- 큰데 =big/tall  ; 낮다 --낮은데 = low
*멀다 -- 먼데 =long ; 짧다 -- 짧은데 = short
*덥다 -- 더운데 =hot ; *춥다 -- 추운데 =cold
*빨갛다 -- 빨간데 = red; 검은다 --검은데 =black

1.2. Verb + 는데: (e.g 오는데, 읽는데)

*살다 -- 사는데 =live ; 죽다 -- 죽는데 = die

*듣다 -- 듣는데 = listen; 말하다 -- 말하는데 = speak

1.3. Noun이다 + ㄴ데

학생  -- 학생인데
외국 사람-- 외국 사람인데
의사-- 의사인데

1.4. 있다/없다 + 는데 = 있는데/ 없는데

2.Past tense:

A/V/N이다 + /었는데

오다 -- 왔는데 
학생이다 -- 학생이었는데
많다 -- 많았는데
공부하다 -- 공부했는데


A/V-()/는데 = (1) but

1. 낮에는 자동차가 많은데 밤에는 자동차가 없어요.
In the daytime there are a lot of cars but at night there aren't any cars.

2. 노래는 못하는데 춤을 춰요.
I can't sing but I can dance well.

3. 방은 작은데 너무 깨끗해요.
The room is small but very clean.

4. 식당에 음식은 맛있는데 값은 비싸요.
The restaurant food is tasty but its price is expensive.

5.  옷을 안 사?
- 가격이 싼데 디자인이 안 좋아요.
Why don't you buy the clothes?
- The price is cheap but the design is not good.

6. 회사가 어때요?
- 일은 많은데 월급은 적어요.
How is your work at the company?
- There are a lot of work but the salary is low.

A/V-()/는데 = (2) so/and

1. 추운데 창문을 닫을까요?
It’s cold, so shall I close the window?

2. 백화점에 가는데 같이 갈래요?
I am going to the department store, do you want to go together?

3. 동생은 학생인데 공부를 아주 잘해요.
My little sister is a student and she studies very well.

4. 앤디 씨가 회사원이에요?
- 아니요. 아직 학생인데 올해 졸업할 거예요.
Andy, do you work for a company?
- No, I am still a student, and I will graduate next year.

5. 사람이 누구예요?
- 친구인데 지금 영국에 있어요.
Who is this person?
- He is my friend and he is living in UK.

6. 비가 오는데/니까 택시를 탑시다.
- , 그러는 좋겠어요.
It’s raining so let’s take a taxi.
- Yes, that would be better.

7. 주스 주시겠어요?
- 주스가 없는데 커피 드릴까요?
May I have a cup of juice?
- There is no juice, do you drink coffee?

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