V-(으)ㄹ까요? grammar = (1) shall we, why don’t we…? (2) shall I, should I…?

L1.43 V-()ㄹ까요? grammar = (1) shall we, why don’t we...?; (2) shall I, should I...?

Usage 1:
- the speaker suggests the listener doing something together or ask the listener’s choice regarding something = shall we, why don’t we…?
- the subject of the sentence is 우리 and is often omitted.
- when answering, V-()ㅂ시다 or V-/어요 is used.

Usage 2:
- the speaker makes a suggestion to the listener or ask the listener’s opinion regarding something = shall I, should I…?
- the subject of sentence is 제가, 내가 and is often omitted.
- when answering, V-()세요 or - 마세요 is used.

Verb ending in a vowel or + -ㄹ까요?
가다 -- 갈까요?
사다 -- 살까요?
여행하다 -- 여행할까요?
*만들다 -- 만들까요?
*열다 -- 열까요?

Verb ending in a consonant + 을까요?
먹다 -- 먹을까요?
닫다 -- 닫을까요?
*듣다 -- 들을까요?
*걷다 -- 걸을까요?


V-()ㄹ까요 = (1) shall we, why don’t we…?

1. 같이 테니스를 할까요?
- , 좋아요. 같이 합시다.
Shall we play tennis together?
- Yes, good. Let's play together.

2. 여기에서 쉴까요?
- , 좋아요. 쉽시다.
Why don't we have a break here?
- Okey, good. Let’s have a break.

3. 무슨 영화를 볼까요?
- 한국 드라마를 봅시다.
Which movie shall we see?
- Let’s see Korean drama.

4. 주말에 같이 백화점에 갈까요?
- 미안해요. 주말에 약속이 있어요. 다음에 같이 가요.
Shall we go to the department store in weekend?
- I am sorry. I have an appointment in weekend. Let's go in the next time.

V-()ㄹ까요 = (2) shall I, should I....?

1. 창문을 열까요?
- , 여세요.
Shall I open the window?
- Okey, please open it.

2. 내일 무엇을 입을까요?
- 치마를 입어 보세요.
What should I wear tomorrow?
- Try to wear this skirt.

3. 언제 전화할께요?
- 저녁에 전화하세요.
When should I call you?
- Please call me in the afternoon.

4. 꽃을 어디에 놓을까요?
- 책상 위에 놓으세요.
Where should I put these flowers?
- Please put them on the desk.

5. 오늘 날씨가 흐려요. 우산을 가져갈까요?
- , 우산을 가져가세요. 비가 오겠어요.
It's cloudy today. Should I bring an umbrella?
- Yes, please bring it. It will definitely rain.

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