V-(으)려면 grammar = if you want/ intend to…then you should ~express a plan or intention to do something

L1.55 V-()려면 grammar = if you want/ intend to…then you should…

- It is the shortened form of  V-()려고 하면, which is used to express a plan or intention to do something in the 1st clause and the condition to fulfill the plan or intention in the 2nd clause = if you want/ intend to… then you should...
- In the question form, V-(으)려면....? = If I want to .... what should I do?
- The 2nd clause is often ended in suggestive forms such as V-/어야 해요, V-() 돼요, V-()세요, / 필요해요, and - 좋아요.

Verb ending in vowel or + 려면:
가다 가려면 (if you want to go...)
만나다 만나려면 (if you want to go...)
공부하다 공부하려면 (if you want to study...)
*살다 살려면 (if you want to live...)
*놀다 놀려면 (if you want to play...)

Verb ending in consonant + 으려면:
먹다 먹으려면 (if you intend to eat...)
받다 받으려면 (if you intend to receive...)
*듣다 들으려면 (if you intend to listen...)
*돕다 도우려면 (if you want to help...)
*낫다 나으려면 (if you want to recover...)

1. 피아노를 잘하려면 연습을 많이 해야 해요.
If you want to play piano well, you have to practice a lot.

2. 빨리 부산에 가려면 KTX 타세요.
If you want to go to Busan quickly, then take the KTX.

3. 우리 어머님을 만나려면 주말에 우리 집에 가세요.
If you want to meet my mother, then come to my home on weekend.

4. 감기가 걸리지 않으려면 코트를 입으세요.
If you don’t want to get a cold, then please wear a coat.

5. 식당에서 식사하시려면 예약을 하셔야 합니다.
If you intend to have a meal in this restaurant, you have to book in advance.

6. 한국말을 잘하고 싶어요.
- 한국말을 잘하려면 매일 한국말로만 이야기하세요.
I want to speak Korean well.
- If you want to speak Korean well, then only speak Korean every day.

7. 시간표를 자주 잊어버려요.
- 잊어버리지 않으려면 메모를 쓰세요.
I often forget my schedule.
- If you don’t want to forget your schedule, try to write a memo.

8. 돈을 벌려면 일을 해야 합니다.
If you want to earn money, you have to work.

9. 한국말을 하려면 어떻게 해야 할까요?
- 한국 드라마를 자주 보면 한국어를 잘 하게 될 거예요.
What should I do to speak Korean well?
- If you watch Korean dramas often, you will be good at Korean.

10. 한국말을 배우려면 한글부터 배워야 합니다.
If you intend to learn Korean, you have to learn Hangul first.

11. 살을 빼려면 운동을 열심히 해야 돼요.
If you intend to lose weight, you have to work out hard.

12. 통장을 만들려면 신분증이 필요해요.
If you intend to open a bank account, you need your ID card.   

13. 돈을 모으려면 저축을 해야 해요.
If you intend to have a big money, you need to make a savings.

14. 운동할 때 다치지 않으려면 준비 운동을 해야 해요.
If you don't want to get hurt, you need to warm up

15. 백화점에서 잃어버린 지갑을 찾으려면 고객 센터에 가야 해요
If you want to find your lost wallet at the department store, you have to go to the customer center

16. 학교 도서관에서 책을 빌리려면 무엇이 필요해요?
- 학교 도서관에서 책을 빌릴 때는 학생증이 필요해요. 
What do I need to borrow books from the school library?
- You need your student ID when you borrow books from the school library.

17. 스트레스를 풀려면 무엇을 하는 것이 좋을까요?
- 스트레스를 풀고 싶으면 노래방에 한번 가 보세요. 
What should I do to relieve my stress?
- If you want to relieve your stress, try to go to karaoke.

18. 유리창을 깨끗하게 닦으려면 어떻게 해야해요?
- 신문지를 사용해서 닦아 보세요.
If I want to clean the window neatly, what should I do?
- Use a newspaper to wipe it.

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