N처럼 / N같이 grammar = like, same, as...as ~express similarity in Korean

N처럼/같이 grammar = like, same, as...as ~express similarity in Korean

Express that some action/thing appears the same or similar to something = ‘like’ or ‘as...as’
처럼 and 같이 are interchangeable.

Noun + 처럼 / 같이:
요리사 --> 요리사처럼 --> 요리사같이 (like a chef)
가수 -- > 가수처럼 --> 가수같이 (like a singer)
얼음 --> 얼음처럼 --> 얼음같이 (like ice)
아이 --> 아이처럼 --> 아이같이 (like a child)
바다 --> 바다첨람 --> 바라같이 (like the sea)

Some common proverbs using 처럼 / 같이:
호랑이처럼 무섭다 = someone is scary (like a tiger)
토끼처럼 귀엽다 = someone is cute (like a rabbit)
거북이처럼 느리다 = someone is slow (like a turtle)
돼지처럼 뚱뚱하다 = someone is fat (like a pig)
바다처럼 마음이 넓다 = someone is generous (his/her heart is as wide as the sea)


1. 아이가 인형처럼/같이 예뻐요.
The child is pretty like a doll.

2. 하늘처럼/같이 높아요.
It is as wide as the sky.

3. 가수처럼 노래를  불러요.
He sings like a singer.

4. 토니 씨는 영화배우같이 잘생겼어요.
Tony is as handsome as a movie actor.

5. 슬퍼서 아이처럼 울었어요.
When she is sad, she cries like a baby.

6. 우리 어머니는 화가 날 때 호랑이처럼 무서워요.
When my mother gets angry, she is very scary (like a tiger).

7. 오늘 날씨가 한겨울같이 추워요.
The weather today is cold like midwinter.

8. 우리 회사 직원들은 가족같이 사이좋게 지네요.
Our employees get along well like family.

9. 그림책에 나오는 과자 집같이 예쁜 집에 살고 싶어요.
I want to live in a pretty house like a candy house in the picture book.

10. 나미가 불같이 화를 냈어요.
Nami was furious. (like a fire)

11. 수아의 눈이 별같이 반짝어요.
Sua's eyes are shining like stars.

12. 외출에서 돌아온 언니의 손이 얼음같이 차가웠어요.
My sister's hands were as cold as ice when she came back from an outing.

13. 옛날에 어느 왕국에 피부가 눈같이 하얀 공주가 살았어요.
Once upon a time, in a kingdom, there lived a princess whose skin was as white as snow.

14. 남자친구 어때요?
코미디언같이 재미있어요.
How is your boyfriend?
- He is funny like a comedian.

15. 하노이가 복잡해요?
세울같이 복잡해요.
Is it crowded in Hanoi?
- Yes, it is crowded like Seoul.


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