Sejong Korean Conversation Workbook PDF+Audio 1-4 (세종한국어 회화 익힘책)

Sejong Korean Conversation Workbooks (세종한국어 회화 익힘책) are provided by King Sejong Institute Foundation in May 2021 as the supplementary books for Sejong Korean Conversation 1-4 so that foreign learners studying Korean can deepen their speaking and listening skills. 

The main textbook and units have been differentiated by presenting additional vocabulary and pronunciation learning contents and providing abundant practice opportunities so that Korean conversation classes can be operated in a wide range of ways.

Unlike the textbook, which is provided in Korean and English only, the workbook is provided in twelve different languages (English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, and Uzbek), and the linguistic and cultural specificities of each culture have been well reflected.

Here we collected the English and Korean versions of the workbooks in PDF + Audio. 

You can get a copy of the workbooks at: 

Sejong Korean Conversation Workbook 1-1~4-2 PDF & Audio 

The workbooks are divided into 8 books considering the 'Sejong Korean Conversation' curriculum in which one book is spread across two semesters. 

Sejong Korean Conversation Workbooks 1-1 and 1-2 are for beginners.

(세종한국어 회화 1-1 및 1-2)

Sejong Korean Conversation Workbooks 2-1 and  2-2 are for beginners.

(세종한국어 회화 2-1 및 2-2)

Sejong Korean Conversation Workbooks 3-1 and 3-2 are for intermediate learners. 

(세종한국어 회화 3-1 및 3-2)

Sejong Korean Conversation Workbooks 4-1 and  4-2 are for intermediate learners. 

(세종한국어 회화 4-1 및 4-2)


emily said...

i cant download any of these books, appear (malware)

Korean Topik said...

The link is safe. only problem is the advertisement. Turn off your antivirus software for a while before downloading. then follow this step:
Step 1: click the link
Step 2: wait for 5 seconds, then click 'skip ads' button
Step 3: download the file.

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