V-고, V-거나, V-지만 grammar = ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’ in English

L1.16 A/V-고, A/V-거나, A/V-지만 grammar = ‘and/ and then’, ‘or’, ‘but’

1. A/V-고 grammar = ‘and/and then’ in English

- List or combine two or more actions, states, or facts = ‘and’
V-고 나서 grammar = 'and then '  ~express time order of actions 


1. 민아 씨는 키가 크고 날씬해요.
Mina is tall and slender.

2. 어제 생일 파티에서 안나 씨가 노래도 부르고 춤을 추웠어요.
At the birthday party yesterday, Anna sang songs and danced.

3. 어제 밥을 먹고 숙제를 했어요.
Yesterday,  I ate dinner, and then did my homework.

4. 어제 했어요?
- 피자를 먹고 영화를 봤어요.
What did you do yesterday?
- I ate pizza and then watched a movie.

5. 여자 친구가 어때요?
귀엽고 예뻐요.
How is your girlfriend?
- She is cute and pretty.

6. 어떤 과일을 좋아해요?
- 딸기도 좋아하고 망고도 좋아해요.
What fruits do you like?
- I like strawberry and mango.

7. 날씨가 어때요?
- 바람이 불고 추워요.
How is the weather?
- It’s windy and cold.

2. A/V-거나 grammar = or in English

Usage :

- Express choice between verbs or adjectives = ‘or’ in English
- 거나 is added to the A/V, while -() is added to the N (read N-(이)나 grammar here).

Examples :

1. 아침에 빵을 먹거나 라면을 먹어요.
I eat bread or eat noodle in the morning.

2. 주말에 쇼핑을 하거나 캠핑할 예요.
In the weekend I plan to go shopping or go camping.

3. 바쁘거나 가방이 무거울 택시를 타요.
I take a taxi when I am busy or my bag is too heavy.

4. 이번 주말에 거예요?
- 운동을 거예요. 축구를 하거나 탁구를 거예요.
What will you do this weekend?
- I will play some sports. I will play football or play table tennis.

5. 너무 피곤해요. 저녁 식사 어떻게 해요?
- 외식을 하거나 피자를 주문합시다.
I am very tired. How about the dinner?
- Let’s eating out or ordering some pizza.

6. 오늘 남자 친구의 기분이 좋아요.
- 남자 친구에게 설물을 하거나 뽀뽀하세요.
Today my boyfriend’s mood is not good.
- Give him a present or kiss him.

3. A/V-지만 grammar = but in English


- Express that the 2nd info is opposite or contrary to the 1st info = but
- In past tense, /었지만 is used instead of 지만


1. 한국말은 어렵지만 재미있어요.
Korean is difficult but interesting.

2. 앤디 씨는 많이 먹지만 뚱뚱하지 않아요.
Andy eats a lot but he is not fat.

3. 내일 너무 바쁘지만 다음 날에는 시간이 많아요.
I am very busy tomorrow but in the next day I have a lot of time.

4. 오늘 날씨가 어때요?
- 바람이 불지만 춥지는 않아요.
How is the weather today?
- It is windy but not cold.

5. 토니 씨가 한국말을 잘해요?
- , 외국 사람이지만 한국말을 잘해요.
Can Tony speak Korean well?
- Yes, he is a foreigner but he can speak Korean well.

6. 주말에도 바빠요?
- 평일에 바쁘지만 주말에는 한가해요.
Are you also busy on weekend?
- I am busy in the working day but free on weekend.

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