N-보다 and N-마다 grammar = (comparison) than N, (repetition) every N

L1.15 N보다 and N마다 grammar = (comparison) more...than/-er...than, (repetition) every/all

1. N보다 grammar = “more...than/ -er...than” in English.

- Indicate a standard from which a comparison is made = more… than/ -er … than
- The adverbs (much) or (less) are often used together with 보다.
- N보다 can stand before or after N/ without a change in meaning.

1. 사과보다 바나나를 좋아해요. 
I like bananas much more than apples.

2. 작년보다 올해 눈이 많이 왔어요.
Snows felt a lot this year than last year.

3. 어제보다 오늘이 추워요.
Today is less colder than yesterday.

4. 비행기가 기차보다 빨라요.
Airplanes are much faster than trains.

5. 토니 씨가 저보다 커요.
Tony is much taller than me.

6. 여름보다 봄을 좋아해요.
I like Spring much more than Summer.

7. 제주도랑 서울이랑 어디가 따뜻해요?
- 제주도가 서울보다 따뜻해요.
Which is warmer, Jeju or Seoul?
- Jeju is much warmer than Seoul.

2. N마다 grammar = each/ all in English

Usage :

- Added to time nouns to express the repetition of the same thing over a period of time = ‘every’ in English.
- Also indicate all or every one of something without exceptions = ‘every’ or ‘all’ in English.
- Phrases 날마다, 일주일마다, 달마다, 해마다 can be written  as 매일, 매주, 매월/매달, 매년.

Noun + 마 = (repetition)
달마다 머리를 잘라요.
I cut my hair every 1 month.

15분마다 버스가 와요.
The bus comes every 15 minutes.

Noun + 마다 = (all things or every one of thing)
점심시간에는 식당마다 자리가 없어요.
During lunchtime, all restaurants are full.

방학마다 고향에 돌아가요.
I come back my hometown every school vacation.


1. 나라마다 국기가 달라요.
Each country has a different flag.

2. 토니 씨는 일요일마다 교회에 다녀요.
Tony goes to the church every Sunday.

3. 학생이었을 주말마다 늦게 일어났요.
When I was a student, I woke up late every weekend.

4. 제주도로 비행기가 자주 있어요?
-  날마다/ 매일 있어요.
Are there a lot of flight to Jeju island?
- There are flights everyday.

5. 이번 금요일  저녁에 시간 있어요?
- 금요일마다 한국어반 있어요. 그래서 시간이 없어요.
Do you have time in this Friday evening?
- I have a Korean class every Friday, so I don't have time.

6. 매주 잡지가 나와요.
The magazine is published every week.

7. 월드컵은 4년마다 개최돼요.
World cup is held every 4 years.

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