V-(으)ㄹ래요 grammar = (1) do you want to, how about? (2) be going to, will

V-(으)ㄹ래요 grammar = (1) do you want to, how about…? (2) be going to, will…


Question form: V-ㄹ래요?

- Asking for listener’s preference or gently making a request = do you want to…, how about…?
- Often used in speaking and among intimates.
- V-(으)ㄹ래요? can be replaced by V-지 않을래요?  or 안 V-(으)ㄹ래요? without meaning changes.

Statement form: V-ㄹ래요.
- Express that the speaker has the will or intention to do something = be going to, will...
- Often used in speaking and among intimates.
- Only subjects in the 1st person like 나 and 우리 can be used.


Verb ending in vowel or ㄹ + -ㄹ래요:

가다 -- 갈래요?
보다 -- 볼래요?
운동하다 -- 운동할래요?
놀다 -- 놀래요?
만들다 -- 만들래요?

Verb ending in consonant + 을래요:

먹다 -- 먹을래요?
받다 -- 받을래요?
앉다 -- 앉을래요?
읽다 -- 읽을래요?
*듣다 -- 들을래요?
*걷다 -- 걸을래요?


*Question form: V-ㄹ래요? = do you want to…, how about…?

1. 주말에 여행 같이 갈래요?
- 미안해요. 요즘 바빠서 못 가요.
Do you want to go traveling this weekend?
- I am sorry. I am busy recently so I can't go.

2. 커피 한잔 하실래요?
- 네, 좋아요.
Do you want to have a cup of coffee?
- Okay. It's good.

3. 한강에서 배를 타지 않을래요?
- 네, 너무 좋아요.
Do you want to go ride a boat on Han river?
- Yes, It sounds good.

4. 흐엉 씨, 다리 아파요? 저기 의자에 앉을래요?
- 아니요. 괜찮아요.
Huong, is your leg hurt? How about having a seat over there.
- No. I am okey.

5. 우리 시험 끝나고 뭐 할래요?
- 영화 볼까요?
What do you want to do after the test?
- How about watching a movie?

6. 날씨가 정말 좋아요.
- 그래요? 그럼 밖에 나가서 좀 걸을래요?
The weather is very good.
- Really? Then how about going out to have a walk outside?

7. 같이 사진 찍을래요?
- 좋아요. 저기 나무 앞으로 가서 찍어요.
Do you want to take a picture together? - Okay. Go in front of the tree over there and take a picture.

*Statement form: V-ㄹ래요. = be going to, will...

1. 너무 배가 불러요. 그만 먹을래요.
I am so full. I am not going to stop eating.

2. 고객님, 뭐 드실래요?
- 김치찌개 먹을래요.
Sir, what will you have to eat?
- I will eat Kimchi stew.

3. 이번 방학에는 여행을 할래요.
In this vacation, I will go on a trip.

4. 액션 영화나 공포 영화 볼래요?
- 저는 공포 영화는 싫어요. 액션 영화 볼래요.
Do you want to see a horror movie or an action movie?
- I don't like horror movies. I want to see an action movie.

5. 날씨가 더우니까 아이스크림 먹을래요?
- 저는 배가 아파서 먹지 않을래요.
Since it's hot,do you want to have an ice cream?
- My stomach is hurt so I don't want to eat.

6. 저는 다음 주에 고향에 갈래요.
I will go to my hometown next week.

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