V-게 되다 grammar = became, came to, has been ~express a change from one state to another

V-게 되다 grammar = became, came to, has been ~express a change from one state to another

- Express a change from one state to another, regardless of the will of the subject = became, came to do/be something, has been

- V-게 되다 is also used to express the passive form = get V-ed, end up V-ing

Word conversion:

Verb 게 + 되었어요
가다 --> 가게 되었어요
보다 --> 보게 되었어요
마시다 -->마시게 되었어요
살다 --> 살게 되었어요
먹다 --> 먹게 되었어요
알다 --> 알게 되었어요

1. 요리를 잘하게 되었어요.
I became good at cooking.

2. 축구를 좋아하게 되었어요.
I came to like football.

3. 외국으로 출장을 가게 됐어요.
(It's been decided) I will go abroad on a business trip.

4. 옛날에는 축구를 싫는데 남자 친구가 생기고 나서부터 축구를 좋아하게 되었어요.
I used to dislike football, but after dating with my boyfriend, I came to like football.

5. 출장을 가기 싫었는데 사장님의 명령 떼문에 출장을 가게 되었어요.
I didn't want to go on business trip, but it's my boss order, so I had to go.

6. 술을 잘 마셨는데 결혼 후에는 술을 안 마시게 되었어요.
I used to drink alcohol well, but after getting married, I came to not drink alcohol.

7. 아이를 낳은 후에 일찍 자게 되었어요.
After having a baby, I came to sleep early.

8. 한국 드라마를 많이 본 후에 한국어를 좋아하게 되었어요.
After watching many Korean dramas, I came to like Korean.

9. 직장 때문에 내년부터 2년 동안 서울에 살게 되었어요. Because of my job, I will live in Seoul for 2 years from next year.

10. 코로나 바이러스 때문에 많은 식당이 문을 닫게 되었어요. Many restaurants have been closed because of Covid19.

11. 이번 학기에는 장학금을 받게 됐어요.
I got a scholarship this semester.

12. 드라마를 보면 계속하게 돼요.
When I watch a drama, I keep watching it.

13. 건강이 나빠져서 운동을 하게 됐어요.
My health got worse, so I started exercising.

14. 친구들과 노래방에 가서 연습하니까 노래를 잘하게 되었어요. After going to the karaoke shop to practice with my friends often, I have come to sing well.

15. 언제부터 아르바이트를 하게 됐어요?
- 지난달부터 하게 됐어요.
When did you start working part-time? - I've been doing this since last month.
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