Download TOPIK Test 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th PDF +Audio +Answer Key

Preparing for the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)
can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. To aid your preparation, we are excited to provide access to Old format TOPIK paper tests for the 30th to 34th exams. These resources are invaluable for understanding the test structure, practicing your language skills, and gauging your readiness for the upcoming exam.

Differences Between Old Format TOPIK and Current Format TOPIK:

Test structures:

  • Old Format TOPIK: Divided into two levels: Beginner (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 3-4), and Advanced (Levels 5-6).
  • Current Format TOPIK: Divided into two separate tests: TOPIK I (Levels 1-2) and TOPIK II (Levels 3-6).

Test sections:

  • Old Format TOPIK: Included four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary/Grammar.
  • Current Format TOPIK: For TOPIK I, there are two sections: Listening and Reading. For TOPIK II, there are three sections: Listening, Reading, and Writing. The Vocabulary/Grammar section has been removed.

Why Studying the Old Format TOPIK is Worthwhile:

Comprehensive Practice:

  • The old format TOPIK offers a broader range of question types, which can help build a solid foundation in Korean language skills, including grammar and vocabulary.

In-depth Understanding:

  • Practicing with the old format helps learners understand the evolution of the exam and better appreciate the current format's focus areas.

Enhanced Preparation:

  • Combining old format practice with current format practice ensures a more thorough preparation, covering various aspects of the language and test-taking strategies.

Diverse Question Exposure:

  • Exposure to different question types and formats helps improve adaptability and problem-solving skills, making learners more versatile in their language usage.

Accessing these resources is straightforward by simply clicking on the links below.

Download Old Format TOPIK PDF paper tests 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, and 34th

The 30th TOPIK Paper Test + Audio + Answer Key

30th TOPIK Level 1-2 초급 (Beginner)

30th TOPIK Level 3-4 중급 (Intermediate)

30th TOPIK Level 5-6 고급 (Advanced)

The 31st TOPIK Paper Test + Audio + Answer Key

31st TOPIK Level 1-2 초급 (Beginner)

31st TOPIK Level 3-4 중급 (Intermediate)

31st TOPIK Level 5-6 고급 (Advanced)

The 32nd TOPIK Paper Test + Audio + Answer Key

32nd TOPIK Level 1-2 초급 (Beginner)

32nd TOPIK Level 3-4 중급 (Intermediate)

32nd TOPIK Level 5-6 고급 (Advanced)

The 33rd TOPIK Paper Test + Audio + Answer Key

33rd TOPIK Level 1-2 초급 (Beginner)

33rd TOPIK Level 3-4 중급 (Intermediate)

33rd TOPIK Level 5-6 고급 (Advanced)

The 34th TOPIK Paper Test + Audio + Answer Key

34th TOPIK Level 1-2 초급 (Beginner)

34th TOPIK Level 3-4 중급 (Intermediate)

34th TOPIK Level 5-6 고급 (Advanced)

Download New TOPIK Tests PDF with Sample Answers (from TOPIK 35th to 94th)

We hope these materials will greatly assist you in your TOPIK preparation journey. Good luck with your studies and your upcoming TOPIK exam!

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