V-아/어 놓다 grammar = do sth beforehand (for future use)

V-아/어 놓다 grammar = keep V-ing / do V beforehand (for future use)

- indicate that someone does something in advance for future use = do V in advance/ beforehand  
- indicate continuation of a state after doing action = keep V-ing (example 5)


Verb + -아/어 놓다:
끄다 -- 꺼 놓다 (turn sth off in advance)
싸다 -- 싸 놓다 (wrap sth beforehand)
열다 -- 열 놓다 (keep sth open)
정리하다 -- 정리해 놓다 (clean in advance)
예약하다 -- 예약해 놓다 (book in advance)
돈을 찾다 -- 돈을 찾아 놓다 (withdraw money beforehand)

- 놓다 + 아/어서 = 놔서 
- 놓다 + 았/었어요 = 놨어요 


1. 아까 문자 보냈는데 못 받으셨어요?
- 수업 중이었어요.  수업 중에는 휴대폰을 꺼 놓거든요.
I sent you a text earlier. Didn’t you get it?
- I was in class. I turn off my phone beforehand when I am in class.

2. 여보, 도시락 가지고 가세요.
- 도시락을 언제 싸 놓았어요? 오늘 일찍 일어났나 보네요. 잘 먹을게요. 고마워요.
Dear, take the lunchbox with you.
- When did you wrap this lunchbox (beforehand)? You must have gotten up early today. I will have it for lunch. Thank you.

3. 날씨가 더우니까 제가 회의실에 미리 가서 에어컨을 틀어 놓을게요.
Since it is hot, I will go to the meeting room in advance and turn on the air conditioner.

4. 어제 너무 피곤해서 설거지를  안 해놓고 잤어요.
Yesterday, I was so tired I went to bed without washing the dishes.

5. 음식 냄새가 많이 나서 창문을 열어 놨어요.
Since the food is so smelly, I kept opening the window.

6. 공연을 예약해 놓아서/놔서 일찍 가지 않아도 돼요.
Since you book the performance ticket beforehand, you don’t need to go early.

7. 엄마, 나가서 놀아도 돼요?
- 네 방을 정리했니? 방을 정리해 놓고 놀아야지.
Mom, can I go out to play?
- Did you clean your room? You must clean the room in advance before playing.

8. 왜 이렇게 집이 더워요?
- 제가 외출할 때는 창문을 받아 놓고 그래요.
Why is the house so hot?
- While I go out, I close the windows, so it’s hot.

9.  돈이 필요할 테니까 은행에서 돈을 좀 찾아 놓으세요.
You will need money, so withdraw some money from bank beforehand.

10. 그 식당에 자리를 예약해 놓겠어요.
I am going to book for seats in that restaurant beforehand.

Comparison between V-아/어 놓다  and V-아/어 두다  grammar:

Two grammars can be interchangeably. However, V-아/어 놓다 is often used to indicate relatively short time since the state of action.

내일은 바쁠 것 같아서 오늘 미리 신청서를 써 놓았어요.
= 내일은 바쁠 것 같아서 오늘 미리 신청서를 써 두었어요.
I think I'll be busy tomorrow, so I wrote the application form in advance today.

See details about V-아/어 두다 grammar here.

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