KIIP FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Korean Immigration & Integration Program

Korean Immigration & Integration Program (KIIP) Frequently Asked Questions: This post is made for all KIIP participants who are new to KIIP, are taking a class, are waiting for an exam, or even have completed KIIP. 

Although most KIIP participants may have already found the general information about KIIP in the KIIP guideline, they have still a lot of unclear information regarding to KIIP program. 

Therefore, we summarize the questions that have been asked repeatedly in our KIIP Facebook group and their best answers here (with little revision) to help you find the information easier and faster without getting lost in a numerous number of repeated questions. Hope these information will be helpful to your KIIP journey.

If you can't find your question here, don't hesitate to share your question in our KIIP Facebook community for better advice and help.


Table of contents:

I. KIIP Test-related questions (13)

III. KIIP General questions (5)


Question 1: Is there any restriction for applying 사전평가 exam successively? For example if i dont get my expected level this time, can I attend 사전평가 next time immediately? Or do I need to wait for 2 years to take  사전평가 again?

Best answer

조국남: Last year I took two 사전평가 in a row with no problem - I got level 3 in the first test(October) and level 4 in the second test (November) and everything updated to level 4 straight away in socinet and im now taking level 4 classes

Navneet Basutkar: According to the image it says anyone who has already been placed through the pre-test and "taking a course", which means if I don't apply for course, I am still eligible to take the level test again. 

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Question 2: Hello! What should we bring on a test day? 

Best answer 

Elizabeth Burris: Your ID card or driver's license, and a correction tape.

They may or may not let you use your own correction tape (my test proctors always have let us). If they don't, they don't. Just put it in your bag and you'll have to raise your hand to borrow theirs. If they do let you use it, then it's much more convenient not having to raise your hand every time.

They'll give you a pen with 2 heads. One head is for marking and the other is for writing.

Also bringing a snack or some water is good because you'll wait for a while, but they probably won't let you eat in the room. They will let you go out to the restroom while you're waiting for the interview.

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Question 3:

(1) Hi guys i will have level 1 test soon. I wantto know what i need to prepare . And is there some link for test sample. Thanks

(2) Can you tell me what kind of questions popped up in the level test?  I'm kind of nervous it's my first time and I've been only studying by myself.

Best answer 

Korean Topik: You can find kiip test samples for all level here:

KIIP Test Sample PDF All Level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Question 4: I failed the kiip level 3 test (50 points). Do I have to retake the whole class again or can I just retake the test? And if I have to retake the test which steps do I follow?

Best answer:

Korean Topik: In the case of kiip level 3, you can't just retake the test again. You must retake the class. Once the retaken class is complete, you will get promoted to the level 4 without the need to retake the level 3 test.

Question 5: I’m taking the level 5 test tomorrow (11/19) but I also signed up for the December 3rd (12/3) test as well. If I pass the test on 11/19, can I get a refund for the 12/3 test? Or will it be too late?

Best answer:

Lala Ng: Hi Sophia! I am exactly doing the same thing as you ~

From the KIIP website for refund:

(1st Refund) If cancelled during application period: Full amount

(2nd Refund) Within 7 days after application period: 50%

(3rd Refund) From 7 days after application period until 2 days before test day: 40%

So i think we still can get 40-50% refund. Hopefully we both passed it the first time tomorrow! All the best!!!

Question 06: If I fail the KIIP level 5 test, can I do it again? How many times I can fail?

Best answer

Elizabeth Burris: Yes you can. You can retake it as many times as you need to, as long as you have taken the KIIP level 5 class.

If you retake the Level 5 class after failing the test at least once, you can finish KIIP with just 41+ points the next time you retake the test. This is not exactly the same as passing (60+ points), but it is good enough for some things.
You don't have to retake the class to take the exam again though. And you can only retake the class once, but again, you can retake the test as many times as you need to.

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Question 07: Today I finished 0 level KIIP.  May I eligible for 사전평가 in order to skip some certain levels? 

Best answer

Hoang Lam: Once you enroll in a KIIP class, you can't take level test to skip some certain levels anymore. However, if you submit your valid TOPIK certificate, you can skip some certain levels.

Elizabeth Burris: In general no, you can't take the level test after you've started taking classes. You can take the TOPIK exam. If you take TOPIK 1 and score Level 1 or 2, you can submit your score to get into KIIP Level 2 or 3, respectively.

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Question 08: I'm trying to change my TOPIK score to KIIP. I know I can do this at immigration but can this be any immigration center in Korea or does it have to be my designated one? If anyone has experienced changing their topik to kiip and could share the process I would be very grateful. Thank you 🙏

Best answers:

Derrick R. Malumba: I did convert mine about 2 weeks ago. Call 1345 and inform them of your intentions. They'll ask which region you're staying in and provide you with the right email (It's region specific) to send your documents to. They'll also let you know what kind of documents you need to send. These are the documents: 

1. KIIP-TOPIK Application Form: DOC or HWP 

2. TOPIK Results 

3. ARC copy.

They said I'll have to wait a week but within 3 days, my KIIP level was updated to Level 5.

Hope it helps.

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Question 09: Hi guys i need some advice i received my level test result today & my score is 58 assigned to level3 should i enter the class or take the level test again for a higher level since class aren't yet available at the moment. attending class is time consuming 

Best answers:

Hoang Lam: It is possible to take another level test as long as you haven't signed up for any class.

Question 10: What time KIIP L4 / L5 exam usually start and end?

Best answers:

Hoang Lam: 12:00 - 12:20 enter test room, 

12:20 - 12:50 preparation time, 

12:50 - 13:40 quiz test, 

13:45 -13:55 writing test, 

14:05 interview (10min ~ 2h depending on waiting turn)

Elizabeth Burris: Ours (Dec 2021) was a little different...

12:00~ you can enter the testing site

~12:40 you must be in your testing room.

13:00~13:50 multiple choice

13:55~14:05 writing

14:15~ interview

It depends on the testing site, but they pretty much all give preference to women who are pregnant, so they can go first/early in the interview. Mine also let people with small children at home go in the first few groups, but that may not be guaranteed. You will definitely need some kind of child care for the day.

Question 11: Does 애국가 calculate as 5th question and its for 5 points or you just have say/sing it out of questions? When you say/ sing 애국가 you have to stand? But your hand on heart side? Don't know what to do on exam 

Best answers:

Elizabeth Burris: In my speaking test the 애국가 was kind of tacked on to the 5th question. So they asked 5 other questions and then told us to say the 애국가 after that. I've never heard anyone say you should stand in the exam. You don't even need to sing, unless you want to. Just recite the lines. 

Rodi Ang: As for me, 애국가 came out to be the 6th aside from the 5 questions. I sang it with my eyes closed so that I could focus on the lyrics and not on the proctor. I didn’t put my hand on my chest side. I think it depends(?)

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Question 12: How we should write 쓰기 in 귀화시험? Using 입니다/습니다 form, or 이다 ? I just planned to write with 이다 form, like Advanced TOPIK rules, but I found KIIP test book (that i study from) wrote 쓰기 with 입니다/습니다 Form, so I'm confused !

Best answers:

Elizabeth Burris: Formal Korean writing uses 이다/다/ㄴ다 endings. 엘리자베스라고 한다. 미국 사람이다. 어제 매운탕을 먹었다. Like that. For the writing exams in TOPIK II you should write like that. For KIIP, I'm not sure whether they ever teach this (I only took Level 5), but in any case you can write more like formal spoken Korean. 엘리자베스라고 합니다. 미국 사람입니다. 어제 매운탕을 먹었습니다. Etc.

میرا نام: In writing session you have to answer as like they ask in questions like :

If they ask 한국에서 앞으로 어떤 일을 하고 싶습니까? So you should answer like _____ 싶습니다.

If they ask 뭐 하고 싶어요 ? So its better you should write with ending 아요/어요

Em Ey: I used the -이다 form in 중간평가. Our Level 3 teacher suggested writing in that form although you can use both ~ㅂ니다/~이다.

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Question 13: Good evening and hello everyone! I took my KIIP level 4 class twice because I failed on my first exam and now I got 54 points on my second exam but on the Socinet page result it says "불합격". I thought I only need 41 points if I take the exam for the second time. Now I am really confused.  Will I be able to get a point for this if I will apply for a change of visa. I would really appreciate it if someone could enlighten me on this matter.

Best Answers:

Abraham Tilahun: Don't be confused! If you learn two times level 4 and the passing points to level 4 is from 41-59 points. This means you are passed to level 5 and you can register when the schedule available. But the only certificate you can receive is 이수증 (Completed) but still your result shows 불합격 means not passed. Don't worry for this. Even when you take level 5 it will be the same. If you may get 60 points, you can receive 이수증 and 합격증. When you apply for citizenship the 합격증 certificate should have to get it. But if you want to apply for permanent residence, you can give 이수증. If you want, you can add 합격증.

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Question 14: Which browser & payment method did you use when applying for a KIIP test? As you know, the KIIP test is based on first-come first-serve principle. When you apply for a KIIP test, you have to "wait in line" and if you do something wrong or pass 5 minutes, you will be kicked out and start again. This is very frustrating. This poll is made to help our community members have a better success rate when applying for a KIIP test. Wish your vote will be useful for others?

Best answer:

KIIP: Based on the votes of ~50 KIIP test-takers, Google Chrome is the most popular browser (over 30 votes) and Credit card is the most common payment method (22 votes) that people have used when applying for a KIIP test.

You can participate in this poll by following this link.


Question 1: When is the registration of class level 0/1/2/3/4/5 in Kiip? Or it still ongoing the registration process?

Best answer

Ali SyedKiip class registration is based on semester. There are 3 semesters per year in KIIP. You won't see any class if you are in the middle or near end of a semester. At the beginning of a semester, you should check regularly your socinet for any class updates.

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Question 2: I have just been accepted my topik level into kiip level. How can i apply for classes.  Is there any guide to apply for the class step by step. Thank you in advance.

Best answer

Ali SyedFirst, create your id in  and log in your account.  Then, goto my page and click 과장신청. You will see available classes for you. Select the desired class and click apply.

@Ono AmgaaAli Syed thank you. I have registered and there is 대기 가능 | 신청. what does it mean? Am i available to attend class?

@Katherine Corteza: Ono Amgaa, 대기 = waitlisted. So basically you are waitlisted for that class. 신청가능 means there are seats available and you can apply for that class.

@Ali SyedKatherine Corteza, no. She is already enrolled in class. The waiting대기가능 is for new people who want to enroll.

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Question 3: I’m planning to go back home for a while. Is it okay to do my online class there? Anyone tried it before?

Best answer

Elizabeth Burris: Basically no. As mentioned above, it is basic policy that you must be in Korea to take classes. They don't count your attendance if you are outside Korea, and they can double check your immigration record with your attendance, so they do know. Depending on your teacher, they may let you participate in the class if you aren't here, but if you miss too many hours because they aren't counting attendance then you'll have to take it again anyway.

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Question 4: On 11th will be my 1st class but still I don't receive any calls from teacher. And what should I prepare in advance before class.

Best answer:

Elizabeth Burris: Double check your phone number in Socinet. You should receive a text message or Kakao before the class starts. If your phone number is wrong, they can't contact you.

Sometimes they will call 1day before the class or the same day. You should have a laptop, headset, camera, and internet. 

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Question 5: Hello ! How many hours is allow to absent in kiip level 1,2,3,4 and 5? thanks

Best answer:

Korean Topik: You are allowed to absent for 20% or less of the total class hours in each level. Therefore, the allowable absent hours are listed as below:

- KIIP level 1: 20 h out of 100 class h
- KIIP level 2: 20 h out of 100 class h
- KIIP level 3: 20 h out of 100 class h
- KIIP level 4: 20 h out of 100 class h
- KIIP level 5 basic: (10 h textbook + 4 h activity) out of (50 h textbook + 20 h activity)
- KIIP level 5 advance: (4 h textbook + 2 h activity) out of (20 h textbook + 10 h activity)

Question 6: Please answer my question. I discovered that online classes are only available in Seoul, and that classes in the other cities are only available offline. I live in Jeonju, so can I take online classes in Seoul or must I take offline classes in Jeonju? 

Best answer:

Elizabeth Burris:  You can try to sign up for any class that shows on your page. But, depending on demand, the Seoul online classes may give preference to people who really need to take them (like mother's with small children), so you should be prepared to show why the online classes are the only ones you can take (like a work conflict, family conflict etc)

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Question 7: I registered for an upcoming class and the status is 배정 (assigned). However I saw another class that had 신청가능 but there is no option for me on the page to register. The options at the bottom are only to refresh the page or view the list of classes again. 

Can anybody help me on how to cancel the class I have registered for..? I cannot see the "취소" option.

Best answer:

박진호:  If a class is 배정(assigned) you cannot cancel it by yourself. In this case you should click to the assigned class, find the phone of the center (or 담당자) and request the cancellation. After that you can sign up for another class. (Note: after you sign up for a class, if the status is still 신청, you can cancel it by yourself without calling)

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Question 8: Hello guys, are you allowed to bring children to the korean language center because there are no online classes

Best answer:

Sheryl Cunanan Kim:  Yes for damunwha center they allowed. I was bringing may 7months baby with me.

Nicoleta Lazar:  Yes they do, my 9m0 was with me all 3months

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Question 9: Hello everyone, what is the textbook for level 5 (70 hours class)? How about other level books such as level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4?

Best answer:

Korean Topik:  Here is the link to buy all KIIP level textbooks as well as KIIP test preparation books
If you are looking for PDF books, visit this link:

Question 10: When I apply for a class, a message like below appears and I can't apply for the class. What should I do?

"마이페이지의 회원상세정보확인에서 체류지변경을 진행한 이후 과정 신청을 진행하여 주십시오." 

"Please proceed with the course application after changing the place of stay in the member details confirmation of My Page."

Best answer:

Elizabeth Burris:  A reminder for everyone signing up for classes. It will often prompt you to check your address and/or visa status and won't let you register for classes until you do. Even if you have never changed either one, it may ask you to do this. To be able to sign up for classes as quickly as possible, log in before 9:00 and do this before you try to sign up, just as a habit. (They may not ask you every time, but better to pre-empt it.)

1. Go to MyPage.
2. Click on 회원상세정보확인
3. Click on 체류지변경 and okay and okay again
4. Click on 체류자격변경 and okay and okay again
변경 means "change" but it's just syncing your Socinet account with immigration and won't actually change anything unless something was already changed at immigration.
Also while you're in there, check your email address and phone number, just to be sure you'll get notices before your class starts.

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Question 11: Hello everyone. Studying level 5,  I am so worried about '사회교육'. Our teacher gave us only the  schedule for 시민교육 for 10 hours. But, I cant attend  at that time. Can you please share your experience about going to museums, what proof& docs of going there and how&where to submit it? And also where to submit certificates of getting vaccinated? 

Best answers

ThuGiang Vu: You need to participate at least 8 hours. In case you cannot attend any class, belows are you options:

Vaccinated certificate which gives you 3 hours should be submitted to the teacher privately.

You can go ahead with option blood donation to get 4 hours admitted.

About going to museum - 4 hours: I heard that you need to make a simply report about what you have learnt, collect entrance ticket and payment invoice that show date and time, take a picture proving that you presented at the museum. Report also should be sent to the teacher privately.

Giorgia Ciovcia Volpin: I would like to share my experience because it was so different from a friend of mine, and sadly I feel according to the institutions you are taking class in, your experience while doing KIIP will be very different.

Like you, during class I got informed about about the hours of social activities. The teacher let us know about 4 classes (2 hours each) for a total of 8 hours. She only informed us about the possibility of submitting our vaccine certification to get 3 hours registered, but basically told us we have to attend the class. I was like "I'm sorry but I work I cannot attend class during the week" and I just got replied "we are telling you in advance so you can organize and take a day off". I was shocked by her reply, because she wasn't willing to help at all. I read in this group about the possibility of attending museum, palace etc... And only in that moment she shared with the class these possibilities . I asked my teacher to send me the form to submit and she told me the only way to get those hours registered is to participate in an organized tour. I was like "well actually other students are going by themselves and are submitting a report". She said it's impossible and that the only way is to go to a tour with your teacher, but she didn't know when she could let me know the schedule of these "tours" and told me many times "why you cannot just take a day off? Talk to your company and take a day off so you can attend class". She even told me "every foundation has different rules for the social activities, if the schedule of the class is not good for you, register again during next term".

A friend of mine is attending kiip level 5 now and he got informed immediately about all the options (including blood donation), he went to a palace and submitted his report. At the end I just decided to take a day off because I already completed half of the class hours and just want to be done with this program, but I felt like sharing my experiences because it was really unpleasant. She also said she is just the 60 hours teacher and she doesn't know about the social activities. Sadly, according to which institutions you enrolled in, your experience might be completely different.

Gulnoza Salaeva: Giorgia Ciovcia Volpin yeah, I feel you. Yesterday I was planning to go museum and even decided to apply for the booster vaccine to get that 3 hours. But the teacher who is responsible called and asked why i cant attend and then sent the schedule for the social classes with different schedule in another city. Finally they helped us to get the classes after so much frustration.

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Question 12: Please any tips on how to get the slot for a class, coz it was really hard i already tried 3times since last year and cant get into class,,, 
Would there be a problem if two computers would be open for same account to register, i was planning to do that for my fourth try?
Should i go to pc cafe betters phones???? Any suggestions please,,,,

Best answers

Raven Hippoletran: Level 1~4 seem really difficult to get classes. You should be on the site 10 minutes before classes open and have the class you want selected and open to refresh the page. Things get really slow on the site once 9am hits so you have to be ready to refresh asap. I suggest opening an app that says the seconds counting down (example: 8:59:50 -> 8am: 59min: 50 seconds) so you know

Exactly when to click (when its near 8:59:59)

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Question 1: Does the kiip test certificate expire? Or you can use it forever?

Best answer

Hoang Lam: Unlike the TOPIK certificate that is valid for 2 years, KIIP test certificate does not expire.

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Question 2: Is it possible to take the 사전평가 and get points for the visa? Or does she have to take the course and the test for points?

Best answer

Hoang Lam: Yes, you can use 사전평가 result to get points for visa without taking the kiip class. I remembered that there are similar several posts like this before. Here is one of those

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Question 3: Hi All! Can someone please advise me on the KIPRAT (영주)  & KINAT(귀화) validity confirmation? I had completed both the 70 + 30 hrs. 

If we pass KIPRAT with 60 points and above, is it a must to take KINAT Test again in case I want to 귀화 next time or Passed KIPRAT is enough? 

Also, can I confirm with KINAT certification, is it only for 귀화 or could I also use it to apply 영주권 (since actually 심화 class is way more deepening compare to 기분)? 

I did asked my teacher and basically they just said uncertain. Any advise is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

Best answer

Hoang Lam: I am sure that you can use 귀화용 certificate for both F5 and naturalization. It's not necessary to get the 영주용 certificate once you get the 귀화용 certificate.

Yuceila Lo: right, if you pass the 귀화 exam, you can use it to apply anything. This is the answer I got from 1345 this March.

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Question 4: How to retrieve my id and password on socinet? I did try the find id menu but unable to get back my id. I try to re-register again but got rejected because my alien card number already registered.

Best answer

Ali Syed: You cant re-register. Use internet explorer on PC. Goto

Click forgot id and pw. Follow simple instructions. And done

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Question 5: Do you need any particular visa for kiip or all visa type can do it ? Thank you

Best answer

Ali Syed: All valid visa holders can apply

Hoang Lam: Anyone with a valid foreigner registration card (long-term VISAs) can join KIIP. Short-term VISAs (like, C-type travel VISAs) can't apply the program because they don't have a valid foreigner registration card.

Question 6: For those who have taken the citizenship test ( 귀화용 종합평가), how long did it take to get Korean citizenship?

Best answers:

Kim SeRi: For me it took 20months and Without a child. But I heard that if you have a child it will take about 8-15months.

Jen Diangco Im: After I passed the exam I applied for citizenship from November 2020 and I got naturalized December 2021 (13 months). And also another 3 weeks before applying the National ID then another 3weeks to get it

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Mire said...

If i want to convert my Topik level 2 into kiip level, will i recieved a certificate of kiip level 3?

I need it to change my visa.

Can answer my question please!

Korean Topik said...

Hi, after converting your TOPIK to KIIP, you will receive a KIIP joining ceritificate. Even you haven't taken a KIIP class, you may still use that to get some advantages for your VISA change.

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