KIIP Class Online Guide by Ministry of Justice

2021 Korean Integration and Immigration Program Student Guide to a Webinar Online Class (PDF) by Korea Ministry of Justice

Since 2021, KIIP offline classes are being partially or completely converted into KIIP online classes. 

Before the starting day of your class 1 or 2 days, your teacher will often inform you via a text message.  He/she will then send you the online class link via his/her kakao group. 

You should contact your teacher if you haven't received any information at the starting day of your class. 

You also need to prepare your foreigner registration card and show it to your teacher for identity verification.

KIIP class software varies depending on your class teacher. Some teachers use ZOOM and some others use Cisco Webex to host their class. 

For ZOOM-based classes, you can study on any platforms (Macbook, Android, and Windows). 

For Webex-based class, depending on your teacher's preferences, you can only use Android table/phone or Windows PC to study. Macbook is possible but sometimes not.

In case you can't use your MacBook or iPad, you should install Windows on your MAC using either Parallels or a Virtual drive. For details and supports, join our KIIP group on Facebook.

For the convenience of the participants, please refer to the KIIP online video education manual on ZOOM and precautions before participating a class provided by Korea Ministry of Justice as below:

Download the KIIP Student Guide to Online Class in PDF



Read the Student Guide to KIIP online class below:

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