Lv1 U09 What did you do yesterday? | past tense -았/ -었/ -했 grammar


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9 과: 어제 무엇을 했어요?

가... 어제 무엇을 했어요?
나... 시내에서 친구를 만났어요. 그리고 다방에서 차를 마시고 극장에 갔어요.
가... 무슨 영화를 보았어요?
나... "편지"를 보았어요. 음악이 아주 좋았어요.


어제 = yesterday
시내 = downtown
다방 = coffee shop (old-fashioned word, not popular these days)
음식 = food
아주 = very, really
너무 = too much
공부 = study
차 = tea
녹차 = green tea
홍차 = red tea (black tea)
유자차 = citrus tea
커피 = coffee
주스 = juice
음료수 = drink
산 = mountain


Unit 9: What did you do yesterday?

A... What did you do yesterday?
B... I met a friend in downtown. I also have some tea in the coffee shop
A... What movie did you see?
B... I saw "the letter". The music was really good.

Grammars and expressions:

1. -았-/ -었-/ -했- : are markers indicating the past tense of a verb.

*았 is inserted after endings with 아/오

보았어요/ 보았습니다 : saw
좋았어요/ 좋았습니다 : was good

영화를 보았어요/봤어요.
I saw the movie.

극장에 갔어요.
I went to movie theater.

Note that: 보 + 았어요 = 봤어요  (a shortened form)

*했 is after 하

공부했어요/ 공부했습니다: studied

일했어요 / 일했습니다: worked

한국어를 공부했어요.
I studied Korean.

어제 날씨가 따뜻했어요.
The weather was warm yesterday.

*었 is others (어, 으, 우, 이)

쉬었어요/ 쉬었습니다 : stayed, rested

마시었어요 (마셨어요)/ 마셨습니다 : drank

배웠어요 / 배웠습니다: learned

일본어를 배우었어요/배웠어요.
I learned Japanese.

책을 읽었어요/읽었습니다.
I read a book.

2. N을/를 만나다 : to meet

선생님을 만났어요.
I met the teacher.

어제에는 여자 친구를 만났어요.
Yesterday, I met my girlfriend.

3. N을/를 마시다 : to drink

커피를 마셨어요.
I drank coffee.

어제 맥주를 마셨어요.
I drank beer yesterday.


English does not make a distinction between the polite informal (아/어요) and the polite formal (습니다) levels of language, but Korean does.

For more details about usage of  the polite informal (아/어요) and the polite formal (습니다) form, please read:

Present Tense in Korean = A/V/N-(스)ㅂ니다 or A/V-아/어요

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