Lv1 U30 What kind of movie was it?| V-(으)러 가다, 어떤 N, N-은/는요? grammar


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30 과: 어떤 영화였어요?

가... 주말 잘 지냈어요?
나... 네, 시골에서 사는 친구가 와서 함께 여기저기 구경을 다녔어요. 윌슨 씨는요?
가... 그저 그랬어요. 어제는 심심해서 숙제를 끝내고 영화를 보러 갔어요.
나... 어떤 영화였어요?
가... 만화 영화였는데, 재미있었어요. 영숙 씨는 영화 안 좋아해요?
나... 아뇨, 나도 아주 좋아해요. 다음에는 나도 같이 가요.


지내다 = to spend time
시골 = countryside
여기저기 = here and there
그저 그렇다 = to be so-so
심심하다 = to be bored
끝내다 = to finish something
어떤 = what kind
만화 = comics
슬프다 = to be sad
타이타닉 = Titanic
만화 영화 = animation


Unit 30. What kind of movie was it?

A... Did you have a good weekend?
B... Yes, I went sightseeing with my friend from the country. What about you?
A...It was so-so. Yesterday I was bored, so after finishing my homework I went to see a movie.
B... What kind of movie was it?
A... It was an animation movie, and it was interesting.  Dont you like movies?
B... Yes, I like them very much too. I will go with you next time.

Grammars and expressions:

1. V-(으)러 가다/오다 : to go/come to V

친구를 만나러 왔어요.
I came to meet a friend.

달러를 바꿀러 은행에 갈까요?
Shall we go bank to exchange dollars?

한국말을 배우러 학교에 다녀요.
I go to school to learn Korean.

2. 어떤 N : what kind of N

어떤 책을 읽어요?
What kind of book are you reading?

어떤 사람을 좋아해요?
What kind of people do you like?

3. N-이었다/였다 : N + past tense

선물이 꽃이었어요.
The gift was a bunch of flowers.

1 달러에 얼마였어요?
How much was a dollar?

4. 안 A/V :  not A/V

수업 안 끝났어요?
- 네, 안 끝났어요.
Isn't the class over?
-Yes, it's not.

아침 안 먹였어요?
- 아니오, 먹였어요.
Don't you eat breakfirst?
- Yes, I did.

5.  지내다 : to spend time

주말을 친구와 함께 지냈어요.
I spent the weekend with my friend.

요즈음 어떻게 지내요?
- 잘 지내고 있어요.
How are you doing these days?
- I am doing well.

6. N은/는요? : What about N?

저는 못 가요. 윌슨은요?
I can't go. What about you (Wilson)?

철수는 왔어요. 영숙이는요?
Chulsoo has arrived. What about Youngsook?

7. 여기저기 :here and there/ around

책을 사러 여기저기 다녔어요.
I went around to buy a book.

8. 그저 그래요/그랬어요 : to be so-so

불고기가 맛있어요?
- 그저 그래요.

Is the beef delicious?
- It is so-so.

9. 다음에(는) : next time.

다음에는 나도 같이 갈가요.
Next time, I will go too.


-(으)러 after a verb stem denotes the purpose of the verb. It is often used with either 가다 or 오다.
E.g  먹으러 가다 : to go to eat

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