V-던데요 grammar = I saw/ surprised that ~express contradiction or surprise to something

A/V-던데요 grammar = I saw/ felt/ surprised that ~express contradiction or surprise to something

- The expression -던데요 = -던- (recollection) + -(으)ㄴ데요 (background info, contrast or surprising situation) = (1) express something contradictory to one’s speaking or (2) express surprise or admiration toward something.
- The expression -던데 can be used in mid-sentence to indicate the present situation is contrary to the past situation.
- The expression -았/었던데요 is used for things that ended in the past.


Adjective + -던데요
좋다 -> 좋던데요.
쉽다 -> 쉽던데요.
크다 -> 크던데요.
멋있다 -> 멋있던데요.
아름답다 -> 아름답던데요. 

Verb + -던데요
보이다 -> 보이던데요. 
먹다 -> 먹던데요.
읽다 -> 읽던데요.
만나다 -> 만나던데요.
건강하다 -> 건강하던데요.

Noun  + (이)던데요
의사 -> 의사던데요.
학생 -> 학생이던데요.
은행원 -> 은행원이던데요.


*A/V-던데요 grammar = express contradiction to one's speaking

1. 집이 작아서 더 물건을 둘 데가 없어서 고민해요.
- 지난번에 갔을 때는 집이 아주 커 보이던데요.
I am worried because my house is so small that there is no more room to put anything else.
- But it looked really big when I was there last time.

2. 오늘은 선생님 기분이 좀 좋아지셨어요?
- 아니요. 아까 보니까 오늘도 안 좋으시던데요.
Is the teacher feeling better today?
- No, I just was him a while, he was still not good today.

3. 이번 시험이 아주 쉬웠지요?
- 아니요. 저는 지난 시험보다 더 어렵던데요.
The exam this time was really easy right?
- No, I felt that it is harder than the last exam.

4. 안아 씨가 학생이지요?
- 아니요. 직원이던데요. 학교 근처 회사에서 일하더라고요.
Is Anna a student?
- No, she is an officer. She works in a company near the school.

5. 피아노를 배우기가 어렵지요?
- 아니요. 배위 보니까 생각보다 쉽던데요.
Is learning piano difficult?
- No. After learning, I felt it is easier than I think.

6. 앤디 씨는 좋은 사람 같아 보이던데 한번 만나 보세요.
Andy seemed like a good person, so you should meet him.

7. 어제는 많이 춥던데 오늘은 따뜻하네요.
It was really cold yesterday but it is warm today.

*A/V-던데요 grammar = express surprise or admiration toward something 

1. 어제 미나 씨하고 식사하셨어요?
- 네, 미나 씨가 한국 음식을 아주 잘 먹던데요.
Did you eat with Mina yesterday?
- Yes, (I am surprised that) Mina eats Korean food really well.

2. 어제 남산에 올라갔어요?
- 네, 남산에서 본 서울 야경이 아주 아름답던데요.
Did you climb Namsan yesterday?
- Yes, (I am surprised that) Seoul night view from Namsan is really beautiful.

3. 민수 씨가 잘 지내고 있지요?
- 네, 얼마 전에 회사를 옮겼던데요.
Is Minsu living well?
- Yes, I heard he recently changed job. 

4. 주말에 뭐 했어요?
- 친구와 BTS 공연을 봤는데 정말 신나던데요.
What did you do during the weekend?
- I watched a BTS performance with a friend and it was really exciting.

5. 학교 앞에 새로 생긴 레스토랑에 갔는데 음식이 맛있던데요.
- 그래요? 저도 한번 가 봐야겠네요.
I went to a new restaurant in front of the school and the food was delicious.
- Really? I should go there once too.

6. 정우가 책을 많이 읽던데요.
- 네, 책을 좋아한다고 해요.
Jungwoo reads a lot of books.
-Yes, he says he likes books.

7. 한라산에 가 보니까 어땠어?
- 정말 높던데. 올라갈 때 힘들었어.
How was it when you went to Hallasan?
- It's really high. It was hard going up.

8. 과일은 마트보다 시장이 더 싸던데요.
Fruit is cheaper at the market than at the mart.

Differences between -더라고요 grammar and -던데요 grammar

Both the grammars can be used to recollect the past event. 

However, -던데요 grammar can be used to express an opinion contrary to one's saying while -더라고요 grammar can't. 

어제 본 영화는 재미있었조?
- 아니요. 저는 재미없던데요. 영화가 끝나기 전에 많은 사람들이 방을 떠났더라고요.
The yesterday movie is interesting, right?
- No, I felt it is boring. I saw many peoples left the room before the movie was over. 

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