Active Korean 4 PDF+Audio (textbook+workbook) eBook

ACTIVE KOREAN 4 is a short-term advanced Korean study book featuring:
- Audio based ordinary life
- Real class based unit
- Various errands and exercises to create abilities
- Detailed and illustrative sentence structure point
- Vivid pictures and delineations

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Unit 1 Appearance and Personality 외모와 성격
Unit 2 Convenient Life 편리한 생활
Unit 3 Incidents and Accidents 사건, 사고
Unit 4 Dream and Reality 꿈과 현실
Unit 5 Mistakes and Regrets 실수와 후회
Unit 6 Company 회사
Unit 7 Consuming and Saving 소비와 절약
Unit 8 Korea 한국
Unit 9 Travel 여행

You may get a free copy at: Active Korean 4 PDF+Audio (textbook+workbook) eBook 


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Korean Topik said...

Sorry the problem. I fixed the link.

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do you have the workbook for this as well?

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No I don't.

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i can't download Active korean 3 and 4 ,because of errored link. Please help me check

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