Practice Actual TOPIK TEST Online before taking the real exam for FREE

TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) is a language test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language. It is held annually 5 times/year in Korea and 4 times/year in some foreign countries. 

For details about the TOPIK TEST Schedule & Registration, please visit: Complete Guide to TOPIK 2018

Before taking the real TOPIK test, the best advice is to Practice Actual TOPIK Tests as many as possible. The official TOPIK organizer provides such a great website for free practice. However, it is not easy to find it out for most of the test takers. Follow the link below to go to the practice site & Make sure to bookmark the link for later use.

Practice Actual TOPIK Tests at: STUDYTOPIK.GO.KR

There are a variety of the recent actual TOPIK tests that you can practice at the site.

The 60nd TOPIK I & II test in 2018
The 52nd TOPIK I & II test in 2017
The 47th TOPIK I & II test in 2016
The 41st TOPIK I & II test in 2015
The 37th TOPIK I & II test in 2014

Each test has a time limitation that simulates conditions of the real TOPIK tests. Therefore, make sure you have enough time before practicing since there is "no breaking" or "pause button" when you are in the middle of a test. Your test score & performance will show up as soon as you finish and submit your test answers.

In case you don't have frequent Internet access, you can download the TOPIK tests for offline usage at: Download All TOPIK TESTs PDF+Audio+Answer Keys

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