TOPIK Writing Completion Intermediate PDF (TOPIK 쓰기 작문완성-중급)

TOPIK Writing Completion-Intermediate (in Korean: TOPIK 쓰기 작문완성 중급) is a textbook to prepare for the writing section of the TOPIK. Writing is an inevitable part of the TOPIK test that determines 1/3 of the TOPIK test score and is the most difficult part for most foreign learners who are preparing for TOPIK. However, foreign learners often do not know how to prepare for the TOPIK writing. In addition, most of the teachers who run the TOPIK classes have difficulties in finding the writing materials to prepare for the class. Therefore, this writing composition book is targeted to the teachers who run the class and the learners who prepare the exam.

The book has 8 units with detailed explanation written in 4 different languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

Unit 01 좋아하는 영화
Unit 02 고치고 싶은 나의 성격
Unit 03 내가 생각하는 성공
Unit 04 소중한 추억
Unit 05 10년 후 나의 모습
Unit 06 내가 좋아하는 여행지
Unit 07 내가 본받고 싶은 사람
Unit 08 내가 하고 싶은 일

Each unit is designed with 6 steps to help learners improving the TOPIK writing skills step by step.

▶ STEP 1: 이야기해 보기 - Let's talk
▶ STEP 2: 주제 확인하기 - Checking the topic
▶ STEP 3: 문법 및 표현 연습 - Practicing grammar and expression
▶ STEP 4: 기출 문제 살펴보기 - Examining an actual test question.
▶ STEP 5: TOPIK 실전 연습 - Practicing TOPIK writing
▶ STEP 6: 작문 실력 올기기 - Improving writing skill

You may get the free copy at: TOPIK Writing Completion Intermediate PDF 

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