How to APPLY for TOPIK Test Online

TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) is designed for people who use Korean as a non-native speaker to evaluate their Korean language proficiency for various purposes such as working, studying, and living in Korea.

Click here to check the latest info: TOPIK Registration period, Test date & Result announcement schedule 

If you are living in Korea, you can submit application online for yourself or for a group of over 10 persons.

If you are living outside of Korea, you may submit applications online and offline, depending on the designated organization to accept applications.

After confirming the registration & test taking date schedule, follow the below steps to apply for the TOPIK Test:

I. Sign up and log in

1. Sign up for membership at TOPIK website:

2. On the login page:
enter the ID/password and click "로그인 = Log in".

Note that: 
Due to high volume of login at the registration time, you have to wait in turn to log in. So my commendation is to login the website before the registration time 10 -15 minutes earlier.

II. Submission of application form

1. Click "한국응시자 접수 = if you take the test in Korea" or "해외응시자 접수 = if you take the test outside of Korea" in the online application menu.

2. Check the related information such as country, region, test date and so on. Application form cannot be submitted in any period other than the submission period.

III. Selection of examination location

1. Search the desired examination venues, or check the list at the bottom.

2. 접수 / 정원 = Acceptance Status/Maximum Number of Applicants shows the number of applicants who have submitted applications to date. No application can be accepted once the maximum number is reached.

3. Click the "신정 = Apply" button for desired examination venue

IV. Photo registration

1. Click "Previous" if you want to change the examination venue at the photo registration stage.

2. Select your passport photo and click "사진 편집/등록 = Register the Photo". After editing and checking, register the photo. Make sure that the photo fits the standard photo before registration. You are liable any discrepancy between the photo on the examination identification slip and your face on the day of examination.

V. Entering personal information

1. Check the registered examination level TOPIK I or TOPIK II, examination venue, and photo.

2. Enter your personal information and click "등록하기 = Register" button.

VI. Verification and revision of information

Check all the information once again, and click "응시료결제 = Pay the Application Fee" button. Click the ‘수정하기 = Revise’ button if you have registered the wrong information.

VII. Application fee payment.

1. Check all the information that you have registered.

2. Enter your personal information and click "결제하기 = Make a payment" button. The application fee costs 40,000 won/applicant.

VIII. Verification of applicant details.

1. Click "나의시험정보 = My Exam Information" and then click "접수내역 = Application Details".

2. Search the ‘number of times for examination’ and then ‘level of examination’ to check the application details. (just skip it)

3. Check 결제상태 if payment was made, along with the application details.

Congrats! The registration is completed. 
If you have anymore questions, leave us a message via our facebook page.


Unknown said...

Do you know how to create virtual account in Korean bank to pay for the exam? Because I tried a lot and did not get results.
Thank you,

Korean Topik said...

You don't need to create a virtual bank account. The account was created by the topik website for each user. You just need to transfer the test fee to the virtual bank account within the given time.

Unknown said...

Do you know how to do it? because recently, the format of the topik website was changed and I cannot find anywhere how to do it.
After giving the option of domestic bank/virtual account, they give a list of different Korean banks - what should I choose here? and how to continue from there?

Unknown said...

Anyway, thank you very much. Your reply really helped!

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