TOPIK 2 Practical Mock Tests PDF+Audio (TOPIK 2 실전모의고사)

TOPIK 2 Practical Mock Tests (in Korean: TOPIK 2 실전모의고사 - 2014) is a TOPIK 2 preparation book for persons who speak Korean as a non-mother tough language. The book is designed with 3 mock tests based on the actual TOPIK 2 tests in the Chapter 1 and the answer keys and detailed explanations in the Chapter 2.

TOPIK 2 Practical Mock Tests features
- Conduct an exhaustive analysis to select the tested questions
- 3 mock tests for checking performance
- A detailed explanation that you can study by yourself
- Free access to the audio MP3 files

Book contents:
Chapter 1 실전모의고사
  • 1회 실전모의고사
  • 2회 실전모의고사
  • 3회 실전모의고사
Chapter 2 정답 및 해설
  • 1회 정답 및 해설
  • 2회 정답 및 해설
  • 3회 정답 및 해설

You may get a free copy of the book at: TOPIK 2 실전모의고사 PDF Audio 

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Please upload book 1 of this mock test book for topik

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