500 Basic Korean Verbs PDF

500 Basic Korean verbs by Kyubyong Park is a collection of the most frequently used Korean verbs. The book is known as a good reference book for all matters related to basic Korean verbs.

  • Conjugations by tense, speech levels, and mood.
  • Model verb system
  • Sample sentences
  • 3 indexes: Romanized, Hangeul, and English
  • A two-color design makes quick reference.

You may have interest in the similar book: 500 Basic Korean Adjectives

The printed book can be purchased online at Amazon for ~16$.

Below is a glance of the book structure.
(If you want to see a clearer image, click on the image to see its higher resolution version.)

The audio & practice exercise can be found at the publisher website for free.

You can get a free copy at: 500 basic korean verbs ebook

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