Download 60th TOPIK 1 and 2 Test PDF+Audio +Answer keys

TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) is a language test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language.

From 2014, the TOPIK test has changed to a new format that combines the TOPIK Intermediate with the TOPIK Advance into a single test, named as TOPIK II and the TOPIK Beginner is named as TOPIK I. 

The 60th TOPIK test (제 60회 TOPIK) was publically shared in Jan 2019, however most people have difficulty to access and download the test. Therefore, this post is published to help you download the test in a more convenient way. 

Follow the below textlinks to download the test files. 

Wish you prepare well for your upcoming TOPIK test.


liuchristiana said...

Hi, the answer key for Topik I Question 1-30 is not uploaded. Can you please kindly fix this? Thank you so much.

Korean Topik said...

No, the answer keys for listening and reading are separate files. Please check it again.

liuchristiana said...

Hi, I know there are 2 separate files for answe keys but apparently both files is answer to the reading section from question 31 - 70. The answer keys to listening for Question 1-30 is not there.

Korean Topik said...

I carefully checked the uploaded zip file. There is nothing with that file.
I think you did something wrong during file extraction.
Please download the file again to solve the problem.

Korean Topik said...

The post is updated on 08 Oct 2023. Hope you prepare well for your upcoming TOPIK test.

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