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Reading Korean for Beginners (in Korean: 초급 한국어 읽기) is one of the 4 books in Alive Korean series designed to increase the reading comprehension ability of the beginner. The book aims to help the learners maximize their Korean reading skills and get information needed from texts. It offers a comprehensive tool for improving reading skills, but extra texts and education should be added to obtain a complete mastery of the language.

The book's purpose:
  • Help learners understand vocabulary and sentence structure concerning familiar and predictable subjects from everyday life. 
  • Help learners understand concrete ideas about themselves, their families, and their everyday lives in one or a series of sentences in an informal context. 
  • Help learners read and understand texts necessary in everyday life, such as signs, advertisements, cards/letters, and newspapers. 
  • Help learners perform various skills so that they can obtain any information they need as soon as possible. 
  • Help learners understand written Korean with an awareness of its characteristics distinct from spoken Korean. 

The book consists of 20 units, in which each unit is organized by the following structure: Goal -Introduction - Vocab - Reading sentences - Task - New word - Self-assessment - Culture. Each unit is intended to be completed within 4 hours.

You may get a free book copy at: Reading Korean for Beginners
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  3. May I get A free copy(PDF : Reading Korean for Beginners)?

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