Cyber Korean for Beginner 1, 2 PDF (Textbook + Workbook +Audio)

Cyber Korean for Beginner (in Korean: 사이버 한국어 초급) is an online textbook for learners wishing to learn Korean easily and in a fun way using the online King Sejong Institute platform. 

Cyber Korean Beginner books feature:

  • Each textbook chose 20 units from “Online Sejong Institute Korean Basics 1” and “Online Sejong Institute Korean Basics 2” as the first step of the basic course.
  • “Part 1 (Learning)” aims to teach the language according to the learning objectives
  •  “Part 2 (Try it Yourself)” is divided into “Listen and Speak”, “Read and Write”, and “Exercise.” 
  • There is a comprehensive review unit included after every 5 units so that the learner can review the vocabulary and grammar learned in the previous unit.
  • An English translation has been included with the original text to aid in understanding. 
  • The textbook covers all 90 basic Korean grammar specified by the International Standard Korean Education Curriculum. 

The book composes of 2 volumes: 

  • Cyber Korean for Beginner 1 textbook and workbook
  • Cyber Korean for Beginner 2 textbook and workbook

You can download free copies of the Cyber Korean books at: 

Cyber Korean Beginner 1, 2 PDF Textbook + Workbook +Audio

You can also read the online books from the official link below:

Read the book Cyber Korean Beginner 1 Textbook online 
(사이버 한국어 초급 1)

Read the book Cyber Korean Beginner 2 Textbook online
(사이버 한국어 초급 2)

Read the book Cyber Korean Beginner 1 Workbook online
(사이버 한국어 초급 1 익힘책)

Read the book Cyber Korean Beginner 2 Workbook online
(사이버 한국어 초급 2 익힘책)


VB said...

Hi, can we find the workbooks to download or buy anywhere? i can find the textbooks on Sejong Institutes, but I can't find the workbooks anywhere

VB said...

nevermind. missed the link

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