Travel Korean PDF+Audio (여행 한국어)


Travel Korean (여행 한국어) contains expressions, vocabulary, and conversational dialogues for different traveling situations that may occur anytime between a learner’s arrival and departure in Korea. It provides essential cultural and travel information related to transportation, accommodations, meals, shopping, pop culture, and sightseeing. 

This textbook will allow learners at the King Sejong Institutes and foreigners who are planning on traveling to Korea or who have never been exposed to Korea to familiarize themselves with the language and culture in advance.

This textbook was developed for King Sejong Institute’s special curriculum “Travel Korean.” As an advanced Korean language conversational course, learners can utilize the audio files to effectively learn vocabulary and conversational phrases for different traveling situations comprising their experience from arrival in Korea to departure. Also, considering multilanguage learners would use this textbook, it was translated into English, Chinese, and Spanish.

You may download the book PDF and MP3 at: 

Travel Korean PDF+Audio (여행 한국어)

Travel Korean composes of 4 volumes: a main textbook, a conversation book, a vocab book, a travel dairy, and audio mp3.

Travel Korean textbook: Read Online

Travel Korean conversation book

Travel Diary book

Travel Korean vocab book 
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