V-(으)려다가 grammar = be about to do sth but (gave up or do sth else)

V-(으)려다가 grammar = be about to do sth, but (gave up or do sth else)


1) -(으)려다가 is used to express that you intended to do an action, but you decided to give up or to do something else. = be about to do something but...

자려다가 잠이 안 와서 책을 읽었어요.

I was going to bed but couldn't sleep so I read a book.

2) -(으)려다가 is also used to express that a situation or state is stopped or changed in the process of the situation or state being made.

눈이 녹으려다가 날씨가 갑자기 추워지면서 다시 얼었어요.

The snow was about to melt, but the weather suddenly turned cold and it froze again.


V + 으려다가 = be about to do something but ...

먹다 -> 먹으려다가

읽다 -> 읽으려다가

*낫다 -> 나으려다가

자다 -> 자려다가

쓰다 -> 쓰려다가

살다 -> 살려다가


1. 라면을 먹으려다가 먹지 않았어요.

I was about to eat ramen, but I didn't eat it.

2. 친구를 만나려다가 만나지 않았어요.

I was about to meet my friend, but I didn't meet him.

3. 뉴스를 보려다가 드라마를 봤어요.

I was going to watch the news, but I watched a drama.

4. 눈이 녹으려다가 다시 얼었어요.

The snow was about to melt, but then it froze again.

5. 사이가 좋아지려다가 다시 나빠졌어요.

We were about to get along, but then it got worse again.

6. 중고 전자레인지를 사려다가 새 제품을 샀어요.

I was about to buy a used microwave, but I bought a new one.

7. 지갑을 안 가지고 와서 은행에 가서 돈을 찾으려다가 친구에게 빌렸어요.

I didn't bring my wallet so I was about to go the bank to withdraw some money, but then I borrowed it from a friend.

8. 주말에 등산을 가려다가 날씨가 너무 더워서 집에서 쉬었어요. 

I was about to go hiking on the weekend, but the weather was too hot, so I rested at home.

9. 점심에 비빔밥을 만들려다가 볶음밥을 만들었어요. 

I was going to make bibimbap for lunch, but then I made fried rice.

10. 비가 내리려다가 갑자기 해가 떠서 날씨가 갰어요.

It was about to rain, but suddenly the sun came up and the weather was clear.

11. 드라마가 재미있어지려다가 끝났어요.

The drama was going to be fun, but then it ended.

12. 눈물이 그치려다가 다시 흐르네요.

The tears are about to stop, but they start flowing again.

13. 재채기가 나오려다가 멈췄어요.

The sneeze was about to come out, but it stopped.

14. 점심에 뭐 먹었어요?

- 햄버커를 먹으려다가 김밥을 먹었어요.

What did you have for lunch?

- I was going to eat a hamburger, but I ate gimbap.

15. 오늘은 긴 바지를 입었네요?

- 짧은 바지를 입으려다가 날씨가 쌀쌀해서 긴 바지를 입었어요.

Did you wear long pants today?

- I was going to wear short pants, but the weather was chilly so I put on long pants.

16. 어제 시험공부 많이 했어요?

- 아니요, 어제 공부하려다가 너무 피곤해서 일찍 잤어요.

Did you study a lot for the test yesterday?

- No, I was about to study yesterday, but I was so tired that I went to bed early.

17. 어제 사비나 씨하고 같이 놀았어요?

- 아니요. 피씨방에서 같이 게임을 하면서 놀려다가 머리가 아파서 집에서 쉬었어요.

Did you play with Sabina yesterday?

- No. We played games together in the PC room, but she got a headache so she rested at home.

18. 꽂이 피려다가 졌어요.

- 날씨가 갑자기 추워져서 그런가 봐요.

The flower bloom but then worn out.

- It must be because the weather suddenly got cold.

19. 드라마 보고 있어요? 지금 무슨 장면이에요?

- 방금 경찰이 도둑을 잡으려다가 놓쳤어요.

Are you watching the drama? What scene is it now?

- The police just missed while trying to catch the thief.

20. 주문한 음식이 나오는 데 한 시간 걸렸네요, 그래도 음식은 맛있죠?

- 네, 음식이 너무 늦게 나와서 기분이 나빠지려다가 음식을 보니 기분이 좋아졌어요.

It took an hour for the food I ordered to come out, but the food is good, right?

- Yes, the food came out so late that I was about to feel bad, but seeing the food made me feel better.

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