Enjoying Korean 1-2 PDF+Audio (즐거운 한국어 & 정확한 한국어 1-2)

즐거운 한국어
 (Enjoying Korean) and 정확한 한국어 (Accurate Korean) are curriculum books used at multicultural centers (다문화센터) to teach Korean for members of multicultural families in Korean. They are a comprehensive book series to learn Korean from introductory to intermediate level. 

The book provides learners with a strong foundation in Korean language skills, starting from the basics of grammar and vocabulary and gradually building upon them. The lessons are designed to be accessible and engaging, taking into account the specific challenges and language needs of multicultural families. 

The book also incorporates real-life scenarios that multicultural families often encounter. These scenarios provide learners with the necessary language skills to navigate everyday situations with confidence, such as interacting with neighbors, visiting schools, or participating in community events.

다문화가정과 함께하는 즐거운 한국어 (textbook) and 정확한 한국어 (workbook) compose of 8 volumes 

  • 즐거운 한국어 초급 1 and 2 are the textbooks for beginner level
  • 즐거운 한국어 중급 1 and 2 are the textbooks for intermediate level
  • 정확한 한국어 초급 1 and 2 are the workbooks for beginer level 
  • 정확한 한국어 중급 1 and 2 are the workbooks for intermediate level 

You may download the Enjoying Korean ebook (PDF and MP3) for offline studying as follows:

즐거운 한국어 and 정확한 한국어 PDF + Audio

The books are free to read online at the official site as below:

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