Get it Korean Reading PDF book 1-6 [바로 읽는 한국어]

Get it Korean
 [바로 한국어] is the second series of Kyung Hee Korean [경희 한국어] language books aiming to help learners develop four language skills in a balanced manner. 

Get it Korean book series are divided into 5 different book skills: Grammar,  Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. Each book skills are composed of 6 volumes.

Get it Korean Reading (바로 읽는 한국어) aims to build the reading abilities with diverse sections including writings, essays, and explanatory notes. The books are divided into 3 levels as below:

- Get it Korean Reading 1 & 2 for introductory and beginners
- Get it Korean Reading 3 & 4 for intermediate learners
- Get it Korean Reading 5 & 6 for advanced learners

Get it Korean printed books can be purchased online at Coupang as below:

Depending on your Korean profiency, you can select the proper book level that suits you. The ebooks are collected from different sources on the Internet. 

You may get a free copy for reference at: Get it Korean Reading 1-6 PDF +Audio 

Below is a book preview:

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