New Yonsei Korean PDF 1-1, 1-2 +Audio (새 연세한국어)

New Yonsei Korean (새 연세한국어)
is the renewed version of the old Yonsei Korean series (연세한국어). Like its old version, New Yonsei Korean also composes of 6 levels, and each level consists of 3 textbooks:

  • New Yonsei Korean vocabulary and grammar textbooks are designed to focus on the understanding and use of key vocabulary and grammar that Korean language learners must learn at each level of proficiency
  • New Yonsei Korean speaking and writing textbooks are designed to perform the expressive functions essential for smooth Korean communication. It is structured around speaking and writing tasks. 
  • New Yonsei Korean listening and reading textbooks are designed to develop comprehension skills appropriate for each level of proficiency, focusing on reading and listening tasks.

New Yonsei Korean textbooks can be used together as a package for even development of vocabulary, grammar, expression, and comprehension skills, or they can be used separately depending on educational field conditions or learners' needs. 

New Yonsei Korean books have separate guidelines for vocabulary and grammar textbooks, which can be a useful guide for Korean language teachers at home and abroad who have limited teaching experience. It will be of great help to many teachers and all learners working to educate Korean at home and abroad.

If you are living in Korea, New Yonsei Korean textbooks are available to purchase online at Coupang as below:

New Yonsei Korean 1-1  for beginners

새 연세한국어 어휘와 문법 1-1 영어 (Vocab and Grammar)

New Yonsei Korean 1-2 for beginners

새 연세한국어 어휘와 문법 1-2 영어 (Vocab and Grammar)

You may get a free copy for references at: 

The ebooks are collected from different sources on the Internet, so only the New Yonsei Korean 1-1 and 1-2 textbooks and audios are available.

New Yonsei Korean 1-1
Vocab and Grammar, Speaking and Writing, Listening and Reading

New Yonsei Korean 1-2
Vocab and Grammar, Speaking and Writing, Listening and Reading


mncraig said...

This is the English version or the Korean version?

Korean Topik said...

Hi, it is Korean version.

dodo said...

is it possible to upload level 4 ?
thank you ~

Korean Topik said...

Sorry the higher level book is still not available in pdf.

nikki said...

How can I get this shipped to America?

Korean Topik said...

You can buy these books at
They offer international shippings to America too.

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